I love to keep my eye on the trends in Japan’s onahole industry. For a while anime parody ecchi toys were the most popular category, then the accurate internal coloring of the type pioneered by Magic Eyes took root universally, followed by the odd tendency to make toys with extremely large and pronounced external labial protrusions. Lately one trend has been huge “torso-style” onaholes, which means large onaholes that have fully developed vaginas and anuses, plus asses you can play with and real oppai too. Let’s look at a popular new product, the ViViDoll AYAKA Dual-Use Torso Toy from Maccos.

Go big or go home, is the message of Maccos, an onahole company that exploded onto the scene a few years ago, making only large, extremely detailed onaholes that offer “dual use options,” which means options for vaginal sex and anal sex. This girl, Ayaka, is a hostess at a popular sexual establishment in Tokyo, who’s really your childhood friend trying to make you jealous so you’ll want to date her.

Check this baby out. She’s got all the features you want: realistic breasts and ass, amazing coloring, super silky skin-like touch, and all the sexual play options you could ask for. Want to engage in vaginal sex? She’s ready for you. How about anal sex? No problem, okyakusan. You can even titty fuck her.  At 4.2 kg (9.2 lbs), 55 cm (22 inches) and 32 cm total length (13 inches), she’ll take care of all your needs.

A detailed view of the inside of the ViViDoll AYAKA sexual toy, which has both a vagina and an anus you can use any time you like. Just look at all those twists and turns, they are unreal, offering grooves and twists, churning curves and large protrusions which stimulate you as you move inside.

A view of the ViViDoll AYAKA from the bottom, showing the willing vagina and tight butthole. You can use either one, she won’t mind!

These “torso type onaholes” generally are so large, they have to have internal skeletal structures, and the ViViDoll AYAKA is no different. She has an internal frame that helps her keep her shape, so she doesn’t sag or change shape due to her amazing weight.

All Maccos onaholes come with a story printed on the package. Here’s this one…

One day my childhood friend Ayaka, suddenly contacted me on social media. “I started a new part-time job.” “Come visit me at the shop!” and “Hey, are you reading this? Reply to me already!” Each message was so short. Was this really the same girl who was in the literature club with me in school?

When I went to the place she worked, I saw that it was a high-end cabaret club, where pretty girls pour drinks for male customers. Eh? Hold on a second? Had  I been tricked by some online fraudster?

Then I saw Ayaka greeting me, wearing a long and elegant dress that showed off her breasts quite nicely. I was suddenly bashful, unable to look at Ayaka directly, until she looked right into my face, saying, “Oh, look who’s here!” while pushing those breasts forward at me. Getting flustered at how direct she was acting, I turned my back on her. This reaction made her happy, and she kept trying to stick her breasts in my face for a few more minutes.

I waited for her shift to end at a nearby cafe. For some reason seeing her working in a place like that made me really unsettled. As I drank coffee and thought about the situation, I realized I was feeling jealous of the men who visited the club. I didn’t want any men to sit next to Ayaka and make conversation with her, or look at her beautiful breasts.

Ayaka finally came to meet me at the cafe, and we went home together. We’d walked home together after school many times, but never through a drinking district like this one. Beside me, Ayaka was walking silently, and she seemed happy.

Something in her face made me angry, suddenly, and I told her, “I don’t like you working at that job. You should quit!”

Her face showed surprise, then she smiled. “I already quit the job, just before coming here to meet you.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes. My goal is achieved now, anyway.”

“Your goal? What goal?”

“To get you to see me as a ‘girl.’ It worked, didn’t it?”

Oh, you achieved that goal with flying colors, I thought, but held my tongue. Admitting how beautiful I thought she was would feel like losing, somehow.

Instead, I looked at Ayaka’s face intensely, right into her eyes.

“Eh? G- Give me your answer… Did you start seeing my as a girl or not?”

Now it was her turn to look away from me.

The ViViDoll AYAKA is an amazing masturbation toy made in Japan by Maccos, in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing laws. To clean, use tissues to wipe out the inside until completely dry, then store in a cool, dry place.

Ayaka is right in front of you, waiting for you to look at her as a girl. Find her at J-List now!

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