The trend in large “torso type” onahole products from Japan continues, allowing the most realistic experience in a stress toy for men, while offering the highest number of ways to use each toy, with your choice of vaginal or anal sex, plus boobs and breasts you can touch and play with. Today we’ll look at the new ViViDoll MOE, which simulates a cute girlfriend who will make your summer nights even more special. Because this product is by Maccos, the quality is very high, and you’ll be able to use it for years.

Here’s what the box of the ViViDoll MOE looks like, showing a cute girl who you meet during the summer. Every day you’ll meet and play together, dipping your feet in the stream and holding hands. As your love grows, you’ll become closer and closer, until you finally reach for each other.

Let’s look at the torso shape of the ViViDoll MOE, which is designed to accurately recreate this charming girl who’s fallen in love with you. At 30 cm (12″) in height, and with a weight of 3.6 kg (8 lbs), the toy is as realistic as Maccos could make it. Like the bustier ViViDoll AYAKA, this is a fully functional torso style onahole that can be used on a variety of ways, and even stood up straight.

Let’s look at the various features of the ViViDoll MOE which might interest stressed-out readers. The toy is fully functional, giving you a well-designed vagina complete with pelvic “Mound of Venus,” plus an anus that you can use any time you want to mix things up in your life. Both orifices are there for you any time you need them.

The side view allows us to enjoy the incredible complexity of each hole inside, with hundreds of twisting turns and nubs, cavers and ridges, which will make short work of your stress. The toy is so incredible inside, not only offering detailed features that will stimulate to orgasm quickly, but the sweet pink coloring is also there to improve your fantasy life. The interior of the toy is full sized, similar to the internals of the ViViDoll AYAKA.

As with the ViViDoll  AYAKA, the toy is so large and heavy it requires an internal frame to support it. The frame also allows the toy to stand up straight, in case you want to display her or do sexy things from a standing position.

The ViViDoll MOE dual use torso onahole is made in Japan by Maccos, and is a great toy for relieving your stress, with several fun options so you can always think of something fresh to try. To clean, wipe out with tissues when you’re done, being sure to remove any liquids inside, before storing in a cool and dry place.

The summer is here, and Moe-chan is waiting for you to take her hand. Get the ViViDoll MOE from J-List now!

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