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One show that’s proven surprisingly popular with fans this season has been UzaMaid!, aka Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!, or Our Maid is Way Too Annoying! It’s the story of Misha, a beautiful Russian girl living in Japan, who retreated from society after the death of her mother. Her Japanese stepfather seeks to hire a maid to help care for the girl and ends up with Tsubame, a muscular former Japanese military officer with one eye. Tsubame becomes obsessed with the girl, always trying to serve and protect her but also to win her heart romantically (though in a comedic and cute way). UzaMaid! is a totally cute show you should check out.

Judging from anime, Russians are supernaturally beautiful creatures, perhaps serving a role similar to Tolkien’s elves in their eyes. The list of characters with Russian blood is long, including…

  • Victor from Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Lev from Haikyiu!
  • Eli from Love Live (her foreign blood causes her to utter Russian phrases from time to time even though she’s a third generation Japanese)
  • Katyusha from Girls und Panzer [sound warning]
  • Anastasia from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
  • Kudryavka Naumi from Little Busters!
  • We’ve even got some amazing Russian characters in our visual novels: Irina Vladimirovna Putina, the cute leader of Russia who comes to attend high school in Japan in My Girlfriend is the President, and Ivan the Terrible/Rasputin, romanceable characters in the outstanding Civilization-level hentai RPG Eiyu*Senki.

Russian characters nearly always have white/silver hair, and according to the rules of anime character design, that means they have mysterious secrets, like Menma from AnoHana, whose mother is half Russian. Russians are almost magical: in UzaMaid!, it’s revealed that Misha can talk to animals, though she’s surprised when her Japanese classmate can’t.

When Misha returns to class after several months of staying home, she’s nervous that everyone will be fascinated with her elfin appearance, and this is in fact what happens. I had to laugh at this since I’d had the experience myself. During my time as an ESL teacher, I taught a lot of young students, and they’d often wask to touch my blonde hair. One girl asked if she could harvest the blonde hairs on my arms, sure they were made of actual gold, and another asked me if I perceive the world through a filter of blue because of my blue eyes.

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