There are a few things all of us guys could use a little more of. More money, more memory in our computer, more frames per second in our favorite first-person shooting game. We could also use a little more oral love, dispensed by a cute girl. That’s the promise of the popular La Bocca Della Verita Mouth of Truth onahole, which brings an incredible fellatio experience to every guy, any time we need it. Let’s learn more!

The Bocca Della Verita Mouth of Truth onahole is an incredibly detailed male stress toy that simulates a great blow job, complete with mouth, lips, accurately shaped tongue with proper coloring, and actual motherfucking teeth.

Here’s what the Mouth of Truth onahole looks like from the side. Because it’s made by Magic Eyes, maker of my personal favorite onaholes, the Sujiman Kupa Roa line, the quality is always high, complete with internal coloring and 100% accurate features. And those teeth.

One of the big innovations that Magic Eyes has made for the Mouth of Truth onahole is the tongue, separately molded and totally accurate when you touch or pull on it. When you’re using the toy to manage your daily stress, the tongue wilL move separately.

More  views of the Mouth of Truth onahole from the side and front. Another benefit of the toy is a massive amount of weight, 430 grams/1 lb, which makes things feel as realistic as possible for you during use.

La Bocca Della Verita (Mouth Of Truth) Perorin4





Another detailed view of that amazing detailed mouth. You can do anything you want with her, open her mouth, play with her tongue, even practice for your dental assistant’s test! Her teeth are made of a firm-but-soft rubber material that you can feel lightly scraping against your member while you fap, which can send guys into a frenzy of pleasure.

The Bocca Della Verita Mouth of Truth onahole is an incredible fellatio simulation toy for men, made in Japan by Magic Eyes. The toy is as real as an oral onahole can be, recreating every detail for your pleasure. Starter lotion is provided, but you can order more quality lube from Magic Eyes or other onahole companies if you like.

To clean,’wipe out with 5-6 tissues until completely dry then store in a dry place. With proper drying after use, you should be able to get hundreds of uses out of the toy over several years. Note that the extra internal complexity means you shouldn’t be extra sure to dry the inside completely compared with other onaholes that are simpler in internal construction.

Well, this cute girl is ready to give you a fun oral present, what will you do? Order the Mouth of Truth onahole now!

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