It’s time for another quality onahole review, this time the Punyu Kitsu!! highly evolved two-way onahole from Japan’s top ero toy maker, Boostoy. A “dual use” two-way onahole that has two ways to play, including a sweet vaginal route and a naughty anal route. You might not ever need another full-size high-quality sex toy again. The name Punyu Kitsu!! could be translated as “soft and squishy on the outside, tight on the inside.”

Let’s look at the box art. The Punyu Kitsu!! two-way onahole aims to be the perfect girlfriend replacement, by providing two great sexual outlets for you to use any time you like, with accurate internal coloring. Your new girlfriend is right on the box, showing you her entire erotic body which you’ll soon possess. At 1,450 grams (3.2 lbs), everything about this toy is as realistic as can be, totally recreating the feel of an actual anime girlfriend as she opens her legs and lets you sink inside her.

Here she is, standing above you in your room, slowing pulling her clothes off in preparation for your first sexual encounter together. She knows going slowly while removing her clothes is driving you crazy, so she takes her time…


Here she is, in all her glory: a fully formed and voluptuous body with large breasts that you can play with, a full and enjoyable ass, plus two inviting and functional sexual organs, ready to receive you.


The cross-section of the Punyu Kitsu!! two-way onahole is amazing, showing a chaotic vaginal route with dozens of bumps, twists, jagged protrusions, and right angles, ending in an amazing “finish zone” where you can shoot your seed and release all your daily frustration and pain.

Another view of the inside of the two-way onahole, showing how good the two orifices look from the outside looking in, as they welcome you in as many times as you want. The vaginal route is accurately colored, with hundreds of jagged soft bumps called hida that make you feel amazing as you use the toy. The anal route exchanges these for differently shaped bumps that stimulate you all the way down, tightening as you go deeper inside her anus.

The Punyu Kitsu!! two-way onahole is made in Japan in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing and quality guidelines. Starter lotion is included, but for the best effect you might want to pick up a bottle of Onatsuyu.

To clean, just wipe out repeatedly with 5-6 dry tissues until completely dry inside, then store in a cool, dry place. Because of the comparative complexity of the inside of this onahole, make sure the insides are completely dry inside before storing. With careful wiping and drying, you should be able to get months or years of happy use out of this excellent two-way onahole.

What are you waiting for? Order Punyu Kitsu!! complete girlfriend replacement toy today!

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