Resident Evil 2

Popular video platform Netflix confirmed via the entertainment website Deadline that they are working on a television series based on CAPCOM’s popular video game franchise, Resident Evil.

This upcoming adaptation will maintain the games’ basic premise and will explore “the dark inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak.” Netflix also aims for the project to “deepen the existing mythology” of the games.


Constantin Films, the company responsible for producing the six Paul W.S. Anderson-directed Resident Evil film adaptations, is confirmed to be handing the series production. The company announced back in 2014 that the movies will be getting a television show spinoff.

Resident Evil Movie

In a report released by entertainment industry website Variety, a reboot film based on the first Resident Evil movie is expected to start production this year with Michael Clear (Lights Out) as the producer for Atomic Monster. Constantin Film recently hired Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) to write and direct the first of the sixth reboots. This upcoming reboot movie will have a new cast.

Resident Evil is Europe’s most successful independent horror-genre movie franchise of all time, having earned US$ 2.1 billion worldwide and is the highest-grossing film series based on a popular video game.

Biohazard 2

The game series (also popularly known as Biohazard) was created by Tokuro Fujiwara and Shinji Mikami and is owned by CAPCOM. The stories of the video game series generally follow the outbreaks of zombies and other creature that were usually created by the Umbrella Corporation. The first game of the franchise was released in 1996 for the Sony PlayStation.

A remake of the popular 1998 PlayStation One game Resident Evil 2 was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on January 25, 2019. Game critics have praised this remake as it remains true to its original source. The remake now features “over-the-shoulder” third-person shooter gameplay which is similar to Resident Evil 4, unlike the original game which featured fixed camera angles and tank controls. The development for this remake was announced by CAPCOM previously in August 2015.

Since last year, Netflix has been announcing a lot of adaptations of popular anime and video game franchises. Let’s hope that this series adaptation remains true for both old and new fans to enjoy.

Source: Gematsu, Deadline, ANN

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