If I had to boil down the essence of BoBoBo’s work into one phrase, it would be “bigger is always better.” It’s a common phrase that can apply to anything from cars and trucks to bodega sandwiches. When it comes to BoBoBo, though, that phrase applies to one very specific thing: women. A lot of hentai artists take pleasure in drawing girls with huge breasts and massive asses, but then complement those features with tiny bodies and toothpick limbs. BoBoBo draws big boobs and asses, yes, but they also draw big bodies, big bellies, and…well, big everything. BoBoBo appreciates big, natural beauty and they’ve put together a massive 1o-chapter volume of works titled Meaty Minxes that truly prove bigger is, indeed, always better.

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Over 10 chapters and 212 pages, Meaty Minxes delivers a variety of standalone stories developed and drawn over nearly three years. The stories don’t share any narrative connection, but they all feature big dicks and even bigger women. BoBoBo’s art is incredible, featuring wonderfully expressive faces and fluid, dynamic motions. The sharp linework and compliments the varied and well-realized character designs in each chapter. Thanks to a fully uncensored release by FAKKU, we’re also able to enjoy the incredible detail and care put into every inch of anatomy present in the book. All of the action in this volume is just jaw-dropping, with each panel being given a thorough amount of love and care.

My favorite thing about BoBoBo’s art, though, is the sheer variety in their character designs. All of the women in Meaty Minxes are thoroughly meaty, yes, but they’re built in wildly different ways. Big breasts, small breasts, thick legs, and everything in-between grace the pages of this book. Each woman has a noticeably different body, on top of very different faces and personalities. Even the male companions in the books vary in design and personality incredibly well, and it all comes together to ensure that no two chapters ever feel alike.

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Every story in Meaty Minxes is wildly different from the last. From a sex-craving idol to a dick-worshipping punk girl and even a group of curious high schoolers, there’s a variety of scenarios and character types present in this book. The specific sexual content of the book, in comparison, is a little tame. Aside from a handful of cheating-related stories and a couple group encounters, most of the action in this collection is pretty vanilla. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, because the quality of the art and the variety in the scenarios help keep things fresh and enjoyable.

While most of the book is drawn in black & white, the first chapter is actually a full-color story. In it, a girl is coaxed into wearing a revealing outfit when she performs as the fortune teller in the high school culture festival fortune telling booth. The boy who convinced her to wear the sexy outfit starts fooling around with her after the exhibit ends, but when a group of guys shows up expecting to get their fortunes told, things quickly escalate. It’s the only chapter in the book that’s pretty short and quick but, considering it’s the one full-color chapter, it kind of makes sense.

[BoBoBo] Meaty Minxes Page 004

The color work in that chapter, though, more than makes up for the short length of it. Skin tones and other colors are nice and vibrant, while shadows and bouncing light are drawn with a loosely-blended style that makes them pop. There are even a few full-color illustration inserts in the book that are some of my absolute favorite parts of Meaty Minxes. While BoBoBo has incredible black and white art, the softness and gorgeous lighting of their full-color offerings are just on a totally different level.

On top of the colored illustration inserts, there’s a really nice concept-art section at the very end of the book. It’s only a couple of pages, but it shows off the initial designs and ideas for the cast of characters present in the book. It also shows off some scrapped designs and altered parts of the final characters. It’s a nice peek into the mind of the artist, but it’s also an incredible example of the diverse and well-designed cast of characters present in Meaty Minxes.

[BoBoBo] Meaty Minxes Page 128

One of my favorite characters from the crew is Fujioka Min, the star of the 8th chapter of Meaty Minxes. She’s a serious and elegant looking woman who’s been hired as the tutor for a dorky high school boy named Masonobu. He draws manga in his spare time, and decides to go all out and draw a hentai manga about him and Fujioka to jerk off to. When she walks in on him drawing the manga, though, the only thing she’s mad about is how low-quality it is. She decides to act as a proper tutor and give him the experience and training he needs to draw a proper hentai manga about her. It’s a silly story that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is a perfect example of the sort of quirky writing and narrative present in this book.

That silly and light-hearted atmosphere is betrayed by the final story in the book, however. Kiyoshirou’s Dying Moment is about a widowed man who rapes his daughter out of grief for years and years. When they’re both much older and he’s on his death bed, she visits him for one last time together. The rest of the book features mostly happy and silly circumstances and there’s only one instance of a slightly older man, so the sudden jump to a rather serious rape story and a grossly elderly man in this final chapter was a little off-putting.

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Still, aside from a left-turn final chapter, Meaty Minxes is near perfection. Every character is wonderfully designed, with varied and utterly gorgeous bodies and faces. Every silly story is accompanied by a raw and incredibly illustrated action. Bigger really is better, and if you aren’t convinced about that, BoBoBo’s work here will certainly prove you wrong.

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