Ever regret not asking out that person you had feelings for? Or have you ever heard muffled moans from across the hallway and fantasized about what was going on in that room? We’ve all had some kind of what-ifs throughout our lives that were simple flights of fancy or unrequited feelings of attraction. In Lust Mix, hentai artist Itou Eight takes these kinds of scenarios and explores their erotic side. He takes those mundane encounters of overheard sex and beautiful college crushes and creates an omnibus of sexual stories that make those fantasies come true.

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Lust Mix is an 11 chapter anthology of beefy proportions, clocking in at 221 pages. Each page is beautifully illustrated in a sharp and calculated manner that could only be attributed to the talented hands of Itou Eight. Characters have beautiful facial expressions and attractive designs that pop off of every page. The shadows and lighting in much of the book are a bit flat, but they help accentuate the vivid linework and shift shapes that make up the characters in this book.

Itou Eight is all about the boobs, and it shows. Every character in this book is well endowed with a large pair of breasts that are always lovingly illustrated. The shapes and sizes differ between each character, and a few characters even have thicker builds or taller bodies, so there’s a decent amount of variety in the types of girls in Lust Mix. Their styles and personalities are also incredibly varied between each story. From cold and calculated highschool doms to shy and perverted cosplay idols, there’s a woman for every occasion in this book.

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The kinks and fetishes on display in Lust Mix, as well, are pretty varied and unique. In some chapters, the woman dominates the week man, while in others the script is flipped and the men take charge. There’s a lot of group action on display, as well as a few stories of cheating and NTR. There’s even a chapter focused on out-door sex on a school rooftop. There’s a mix of raunchy and wild stories to enjoy in this book, and they’re all beautifully illustrated.

That beautiful art reaches its highs in the opening chapter, a 4-page full-color story that was a treat to read. When Rio brings her boyfriend to the beach for a date, she notices he’s rocking a hefty hard-on the entire time. She decides to drag him into the shower room to take care of it once and for all.

It’s a shame that these are the only color pages in the book besides the cover illustrations because Itou Eight does an amazing job at coloring their work. Tanlines are beautifully rendered, and the bright sun bounces off of the characters bodies beautifully, creating shiny skin and gorgeous god-rays that left my jaw dropped. Each panel is colored with incredibly bright and well-saturated colors that all complement each other perfectly.

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While the chapters of Lust Mix are separate anthology stories, they all have a pretty consistent tone to them of eroticism over humor. Rather than silly and heartfelt stories, a lot of the book involves raw passion, sexual frustration and outright betrayal. One of the best examples of that is the 2nd story in the collection, titled Childhood Cocksleeve. It focuses on Sae, a shy but well-developed girl who serves as the official “cock-sleeve” for her childhood friend, Hidehito. He complains and lashes out about not having a girlfriend and wanting to find a beautiful pure girl, all while treating Sae like a sex toy without even acknowledging her presence. Still, she enjoys that part of him and is pretty into, creating an interesting dynamic between the two throughout the entire story. It’s never played for laughs, and there’s no punch-line or big twist. They just are like that!

Meanwhile, in the 4th story, Narube-sensei is in a particular kind of relationship with his student, the serious-looking Kusunoki. After he gives in to her temptations and fools around with her, she decides to punish him by making him wear a chastity belt. A month later, they run into each other as Narube is reaching his breaking point. She decides to take off the chastity belt and see how long he can hold out against her teasing. The chastity belt aspect of the story probably won’t appeal to everyone, but the cold and controlling demeanor of Kusunoki is hands down one of the sexiest parts of the entire book.

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Another sexy highlight of the book is the chapter titled Bear Hunt. This one is about Kumabayashi Mitsumi, a thick and feisty woman who’s the head of the sales department at Arashiyama inc. She’s chewing out three of her male subordinates at a local bar for their poor work, but just a few hours later, she ends up so drunk she falls asleep. They help bring her back to her home safely, but when she even insults them in her sleep, they end up taking their frustrations out on her all night. While the story starts out with the guys forcing themselves on her, the tables end up turning near the end in a way that I loved.

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With Lust Mix, Itou Eight has put together a solid collection of sexy and scandalous stories sure to please anyone. The art is consistent and high-quality all throughout, and it’s complemented by an incredible English localization by FAKKU. The translation is impeccable, and the redone sound effects and other odds-and-ends work perfectly. I hope that, in future books, Itou Eight pushes themselves to do some more full-color illustrations. Until then, though, the black and white beauty of Lust Mix will have to do.

Lust Mix by Itou Eight is available at our shop here, along with many other great hentai manga series.

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