In what was originally called a surprise book announcement, FAKKU released a fully translated selection of F4U’s works in Comic X-EROS and Comic Kairakuten, spanning from 2009 to 2014, called Curiosity XXXed the Cat. Capping it off with an original short comic, there are a total of nine stories spanning 210 pages that will certainly make you hot around the collar. And you know what? For how weird some of the stories get, this is still my personal favorite of the FAKKU books, and I am proud to own a physical copy of the translated book as well! It’s definitely worth picking up, and each story is just long enough that you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. Here’s why:

The first and last stories in the book star a very rambunctious girl who did not do terribly well on her entrance exams. She ends up going to Hensachi 15 Academy, a school where everybody scored a 15 on the exam—which means that there are not too many bright individuals, and certainly not many who are above having a good ‘ol gangbang. In order to raise money to get into a cram school and better her life, Rena Komaneki decides to… ahem… persuade one of the instructors to sponsor the “Relief Club,” which provides everybody with a willing sexual outlet. Since Komaneki is definitely all about having sex compared to the other students, everybody flocks to her.

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Prostitution 101

The second story and the titular one stars one of the biggest tsunderes and some of the best fake femdom I have ever seen. She’s inexperienced, she’s probably never seen a man naked in her life, and yet when she ends up bullying a boy for his lunch money (he has none) and discovers he’s packing more than most porn stars, her true nature starts to peek out. Speaking of packing heat, you’ll probably quickly notice that that’s a trend throughout.

As for the third story, “Absolute King Game,” I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but then again, this chapter is definitely not about the plot. Here’s what I’ve gathered: We have… a very peculiar-looking character who is the “King.” And whatever the King says is absolute. So absolute that all of the girls in the room literally do whatever he says. It’s like magic. But there’s a twist in this one that created a very interesting conclusion, and you know it’s going to be interesting when it ends with something like…

CuriosityXXXed 02

I can’t decide which is creepier, his face, or what the girls plan to do to him.

The next two chapters in the collection are a bit more straightforward. “She Went With It and Got Plowed!” is as simple as it sounds, though this is the first in the book to feature obvious double penetration and the various positions that go along with it. As a DP fan myself, this continues to be a chapter I like to come back and read from time to time. “Stuff You XXX Forgot,” on the other hand, fulfils that “I don’t need anything out of the ordinary, I just want to see some good old-fashioned sex.” The thing that was forgotten, by the way? A condom whose expiration date was that very day. Can’t just waste a condom, now can we?

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Nudism 101 – This book may as well be an instruction manual.

As for the final two chapters before the epilogue of the first chapter, the main focus is netorare. “KaraOrchestra” involves blackmail plus netorare with a lovely case of mind break (and all the irrational solutions that come along with it). “Don’t Let Your Wife Go to Her Class Reunion” is also pretty straightforward. Because what happens when you go to class reunions? You end up having sex with your high school sex friend.

Curiosity XXXed the Cat is a great compilation that features beautiful women, the creepiest of guys (and all of the humor that comes along with that—believe me, I found myself giggling quite a few times), and a little something for everyone. If that’s what you like, or if you’re a fan of F4U’s work, you are definitely going to want to pick this up. And if you buy the physical book, always make sure to pull the dust jacket off and look at the cover. You’ll be glad you did, I promise!

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