One of the fun things about having sex with a woman is getting her panties off for the first time so you can see what kind of vagina she has. Is it one of those tiny slits that seems to disappear inside her, or does she have a more pronounced labia? Is her clitoris large and visible, or does it hide, waiting for you to discover it? Does she have a large, puffy vulva that sticks out, offering a welcoming fleshy cave for you to enter? If so, then she’s got what’s called a 盛りマン moriman in Japanese, or a larger than average pubic mound with large pussy lips, and it’s a lot of fun. And now the Japanese have perfected this in sexy toy form, with the amazing Super Real MAN29 Mio Yukihira puffy vulva onahole.

Just look at this monstrosity, a thick and satisfying meat taco that’s overflowing from the girl’s body. Not only is the thickness and design of her pussy lips incredible to see, but the coloring is also super accurate, too, welcoming us openly. The name of the girl is Mio Yukihira, which the package promises “looks like a shy and withdrawn girl, though when you get her in bed she comes alive.” The MAN29 in the title is a code word that’s pronounced man niku which means “pussy flesh.”

Here’s what the onahole looks like out of its box. We’ve seen a lot of onaholes in the course of running J-List, but we can’t think of one that looks more realistic.

Inside the Real MAN29 Mio Yukihira onahole is a complex array of grooves, bumps, and crevices, which provide high stimulation for your penis, with a different type of stimulation at each level. Slide in just a bit, and experience the “tight zone” near the opening. Move in deeper, and experience more advanced levels of stimulation, until you won’t be able to hold back.

The business end of this thing is amazing, too. Just look at how realistic it looks.

It’s so soft and realistic, you can squeeze it and pinch it, just like the real thing.

More views of the internals of the toy, showing the different zones you pass through as you slide all the way inside. This toy is definitely going way beyond anything found in nature.

The length, width, and weight of the Real MAN29 Mio Yukihira toy are also excellent. Because it’s a softer onahole, the length will stretch to any size you might need, allowing larger customers to use it without issue.

Here Mio-chan is saying, “Stop staring at my pussy like that.”

The Super Real MAN29 Mio Yukihara puffy vulva onahole is an ultra-realistic masturbation toy from Japan, offering a great visual and tactile experience for your daily stress relief. It’s made in Japan by A-One, and will offer you months or years of quality use. To clean, wipe out with several tissues until completely dry, being sure to check carefully for liquids hiding in the complex interior.

Your shy but erotic girlfriend is offering herself to you. Grab this amazing puffy vulva onahole from J-List now!

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