Harukana Receive Review

Although some fans might protest, one of the reasons for the spread of anime across the world is fanservice, defined as the deliberate visual titillation for the pleasure of viewers as a thank-you from creators for watching. Although we might think that pantyshots or giggling boobs in anime are a new thing, “service cuts” (as they’re called in Japanese) have been around for decades, for example a Space Battleship Yamato fanservice episode back in 1974, or Marilyn Monroe’s legendary Seven Year Itch in 1955, which is credited with popularizing Western underwear (and its fetishization) in Japan. Sexy fanservice like the “Gainax bounce” exists for a lot of reasons, not least because it gives viewers a shot of dopamine when we see it, which makes us respond positively to the characters and story. And this is likely true with the new Harukana Receive fanservice volleyball anime, too.

Harukana Receive is the story of Haruka, a girl who’s self-conscious about her above-average height, and her cousin Kanata, who’s the opposite, upset about how short she is. When Haruka goes to Okinawa and discovers the world of beach volleyball, which is played with two teams of two girls each, she finds the perfect sport, something she can apply herself to and grow as a person. While there are several fanservice moments to catch fans’ interest, the show is really about the drama of the sport of beach volleyball and struggles the characters are going through. Oh, and every episode is a beach episode.

Should you watch the Harukana Receive fanservice anime? If you like shows with all female casts, voiced by top voice actresses, and if you’re okay with tight butts and high sports drama, then you totally should!

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