The Top Starter Onaholes from Japan

We just got done with Anime Expo, which was a blast. As we’ve been doing for the past few years, we brought a lot of onaholes with us, and I stood near them giving advice to customers about which products might serve their needs. I talked a lot about our “starter” onaholes, which are our less expensive ecchi toys that are often where people start their journey with Japanese masturbation devices. I decided to do a post on which are the best beginner onaholes on our site.

At the convention, a lot of people asked, “what’s the difference between a cheaper onahole compared to one of the larger ones like the Mucchiri Real Onahole?” There are several differences, but the biggest one is the size of the onahole and the amount of material used in its construction. Cheaper onaholes are nearly always going to be smaller than the average $30-40 or higher price point products, which we like to point out so everyone can manage their expectations ahead of time. In other words, if you buy one of these inexpensive onaholes and find it too small, or if it tears, it means you should look for larger products in the future, like the excellent offerings by Magic Eyes.

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody)

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody) – Starter Onahole

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody)

A fun starter onahole from Tamatoys which lets you experience sexy times with Albedo from the Overlord anime. It gets the job done and is only $12! We have a separate review of this if you want to read it.

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody) – Starter Onahole

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody) Detail

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody) – Starter Onahole

ONAHOLE (Overlord Parody) Inside


A Bride on the Wedding Night

While Toy’s Heart is known for their large and famous onaholes, like the Yandere Jealous Girlfriend Onahole [review link], they also make some quality starter onaholes for beginners, which are only slightly smaller than average and are extremely affordable. There are four in the series: I Want it Now, The Girl Next Door, Blowjob Under a Desk, and this one, A Bride On the Wedding Night. This toy is a “virgin” starter onahole, so it’s likely to be among the firmest and tightest for this price point, but the others in the series should be a little larger.


A longtime seller on J-List, the Cool & Cute Amafella, is an inexpensive starter onahole that simulates a quick blow job by your sweet girlfriend. This toy parodies the character Morishima Haruka from the Amagami (“Sweet Bite”) anime, so it’s a win if you’ve always wanted to receive an oral gift from Morishima-senpai.

Ejaculation Control of Dojikko Nurse

I love the concept of the Ejaculation Control of Dojikko Nurse, which is a cute-but-clumsy nurse who wants to help you learn ejaculation control, and who comes into your hospital room every night to teach you better sexual techniques, so you can be a better lover. It’s the kind of nurse we all need in our lives. See our separate review of this onahole here.

My Kouhai Can’t Be This Tight

Another onahole series we’ve been selling for years are these three Oreimo parody toys, which simulate sister Kirino, tsundere queen Ayase, and best girl, Kuroneko. The My Kouhai Can’t Be This Tight onahole is small and a lot less complex than some of the more well-known toys we sell, but if you love Kuroneko, you might want to pick one up!

My Ona Pet ZERO Catgirl Starter Hole (My First Catgirl Onahole)

Another long seller at J-List, this lets you experience a cute catgirl, according to the art on the box. It’s great for those private moments when you don’t have enough catgirls to be intimate with. Read more on our Catgirl Onahole Buyers’ Guide, which is a thing that actually exists.

Erotic Number! Momose (Normal Type)

Another inexpensive onaholes series we’ve been selling for a while is the Erotic Number! series, which parodies the excellent-but-underrated Girlish Number! anime, about three seiyu trying to make their way in the voice acting industry. There are three onaholes in this series, representing “normal” (the main girl), “soft” (the slightly plump girl from Osaka) and “hard” (the skinny virgin bitch with blonde hair). Why not get all three?


Another fun starter onahole that costs less than coffee for two at Starbucks, this naughty toy simulates a Koakuma (Little Devil) and has many interesting internal features for managing your daily stress.

Enjoy Party Cup — Princess Knight



The final inexpensive starter onahole series we’ll show you is the Enjoy Party Cup, a fun toy which simulates a fantasy party, with the Princess Knight and Elf in the series so far. While we don’t generally recommend “cup” style onaholes, because they are hard/impossible to clean and reuse, this is a fun and inexpensive series you might want to try.

To clean any of these onaholes (except the above cup style toy), just dab them with three or four tissues until completely dry inside, and you should be able to get many months of use out of each, unless they’re too small for you and tear, which can happen. For more details on the care and feeding of onaholes, read our guide, Zen and the Art of Onahole Maintenance.



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