I love Sei Shoujo, I mean, who doesn’t love the artist behind Bible Black, Discipline, and Starless. However, his Starless designs have been re-used, renewed, or changed slightly, a bunch of times for Dakimakuras and tapestries. It’s amazing to finally see Marie Mamiya and her friends (and daughters), coming together again with new amazing designs that you can take home. Check out these 3 new gorgeous tapestries from the epic hentai visual novel Starless. Don’t forget to check out the game too!

Marie Mamiya – Starless Tapestry

Starless Tapestry (1)

Marika Mamiya – Starless Tapestry

Starless Tapestry (2)

Mikako Nonohara – Starless Tapestry

Starless Tapestry (3)

Don’t forget to check the game Starless, that was released by our friends over JAST USA, and you can buy the physical version over at J-List, or digitally at JAST USA.

Starless Game Box

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