The Only USB Onahole Warmer Toys You Need

Onaholes are amazing products for male stress relief and prostate health that have revolutionized the lives of many otakus. They allow you to simulate sex with your ideal anime girlfriend, a clumsy nurse who wants to teach you ejaculation control, a willing girl with “thicc” thighs [all review links], any time you like! But what if there were a way to make onaholes even better? Now there is, thanks to these USB onahole warmer toy options! Let’s take a look…

USB Hoka Hoka USB Onahole Warmer

USB Hoka Hoka Onahole Warmer

First up is this handy USB onahole warmer from Tamatoys, called the USB Hoka Hoka Onahole Warmer. Plug it into any standard USB port and the wand end will start to get warm immediately. It’s the perfect way to make your favorite waifu feel warm inside, just like the real things.

USB Hoka Hoka USB Onahole Warmer

Just 5 minutes!

To use, insert the onahole warmer inside your favorite sex toy for five minutes, and it will be warm and toasty (hoka hoka in Japanese). The manufacturer warns that warming the onahole for longer than 10 minutes should be avoided. Obviously, you should use common sense with any electric product and always keep an eye on your toy while it’s warming.

USB Hoka Hoka USB Onahole Warmer

The shape of the USB Hoka Hoka Onahole Warmer

The USB Hoka Hoka Onahole Warmer is handy to use and easy to store, and since you’ve always got a USB port near you, nothing could be easier.

USB Simple Onahole Warmer

USB Simple Onahole Warmer

Another company (Rends) has a USB onahole warmer for us to check out, too. It’s been a favorite with J-List customers for years.

USB Simple Onahole Warmer2

How to use the USB Simple Onahole Warmer

Just plug the device into any standard USB port and you’ll have a toasty warm onahole ready for you whenever you need a little pick-me-up. Recommended warming time is 5 minutes, as with the other USB onahole warmer.

USB Simple Onahole Warmer4

Size of USB Simple Onahole Warmer

Either of these USB onahole warmers should be great for adding an extra layer of realism to your solo quality time, and the main difference is the color and shape of the heater wand (straight for the Tamatoys version, curvier for the Rends version). Just think of all the fun times you can have with an onahole that’s warm and ready for you.

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