One of the interesting innovations in the male stress release toy industry in Japan is the rise of “random” onaholes that come in a box, and customers don’t know what they’re going to get until they open it. This creates a rather fun experience of opening your “Onahole Gacha” to see what cool random stuff was inside, just like when we were kids and opened a box of Captain Crunch to see the prize inside. While I believe the random onahole box concept started out as a way for companies to manage their excess inventory, getting rid of quality sex toys that happened to fail in the marketplace for marketing reasons, the end result today is that these Onahole Gacha boxes let us sample many exciting products inexpensively. Today let’s take a look at the top three random Onahole Gacha products we have on the site!

Ona Gacha Special -- onahole gacha

Ona Gacha Special

First is the Ona Gacha Special, a true “gacha” experience since there’s one random onahole inside the box. Which one will it be? If you look at the box art, you can get a pretty good idea since the box features characters from many onaholes we’ve sold in the past, including the Onahole Cave Exploring Expedition, the rock-themed Guitar Musume Onahole, Lily’s Secret Sex Science Laboratory, and more. So right off the bat, this product lets you get some of these awesome onaholes which are no longer available on J-List, but at a much lower price, just $10. It sounds like a great offer to us!

Ona Gacha Special (onahole gacha)

Ona Gacha Special

Ona Gacha Special (onahole gacha)

Ona Gacha Special

What kind of onahole will you get in the box? It’s like Schrödinger’s onahole: we won’t know until you open the box. But you can be sure you will be satisfied with the results. All onaholes are made by Onapet here in Japan, and lotion is included in each box. Please note that, based on the cost and the size of the box, the onaholes will be slightly smaller than average.



Onahole Dropout Including 2 Random Onaholes (onahole gacha)

Onahole Dropout Including 2 Random Onaholes

Next up is a product that’s very close to my heart because it was my suggestion to Tamatoys that they make an onahole based on Satania from Gabriel Dropout due to her massive popularity. This toy is called Onahole Dropout, and the joke is that you get two “fallen” onahole products—which have failed in the marketplace and need to be sold in this blind box format instead.

Satania (onahole gacha)

Both onaholes will be random, but of high quality. Generally you can expect to have one larger and one smaller onahole, so you get to experiment with different kinds of companies sex toys and see which you like for making future purposes. Lotion is included with the box. And buying this onahole box makes Satania happy!

Amusement Ecstasy Box (onahole gacha)

Amusement Ecstasy Box

Finally comes the massive Amusement Ecstasy Box (Otanoshimi Kaikan Box in Japanese), a massive box filled with at least seven glorious onaholes of differing sizes, ranging from very big “ass type” toys to medium size and smaller onaholes with different themes and features. It’s quite amazing, basically the only onahole purchase you need to make for the rest of your life.


Amusement Ecstasy Box1

Amusement Ecstasy Box

The Onahole Gacha also includes other items, random fetish items and anal probes which might be fun to play with. You also get a large amount of lotion in the box. One important feature is that all of these onaholes are made in Japan for the highest quality and overall experience

Japan has some amazing random Onahole Gacha for you all available at a great discount. Do you want to buy? We should note that these products go in and out of stock quite a lot because they’re popular with our customers. So if you see them in stock, make sure you order right away without delay.

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All J-List adult orders are shipped in a discrete and careful manner, with no indication of any adult contents. Also, we have a new, higher level of privacy for you too: an Anonymous Shipping Service (A.S.S.) in which your order will be carefully repacked in generic packaging, with the outer box removed.

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