Which Anime Character Do You Hate

While anime is filled with wonderful characters we love to watch as they take on life’s challenges and grow, or root for when they get into romantic relationships, there are also plenty of characters we might come to hate for one reason or another. I asked J-List’s Twitter and Facebook feeds “which anime character do you hate?” and got some interesting feedback. Let’s take a look!

  • Villians and antagonists who are unsympathetic for some reason might be strongly disliked by fans. Some examples might be Suzaku from Code Geass and Griffith from Berserk, depending on your taste.
  • Some characters are just so annoying, fans can’t wait for them to get off the screen. Sakura from Naruto, Taro from Shirobako and any scene with Chibi Moon are potential examples.
  • I personally love stories that have great structure and hate any character that comes in and messes up that perfection. Season 1 of Chu2koi was a perfect arc, as Yuta and Rikka find the courage to discard their childish pasts so they can discover love together. Then in season 2, everything goes out the window when Yuta’s childhood friend shows up, messing up everything.
  • Similarly, I hate “homewrecker” characters who come in and mess up romantic relationships, like Momiji from New Game! season 2, who unbalanced the love triangle between Aoba, Koh and Rin.
  • Characters who betray others without remorse are often the target of fan hatred, like Malty from Shield Hero, Kyubey from Madoka and Makoto from the anime version of School Days. (Makoto is much different in the School Days game, which JAST USA publish because there are 20+ routes, which allows for all side characters to have properly developed stories, so all of Makoto’s misdeeds aren’t being crammed into one game arc. And the super-dark ending from the anime is not part of the game.)
  • While the “basic deadpan main character” is the rock on which anime is built these days, some people named Hachi from OreGairu and Sakuta from Bunny Girl Senpai as overdoing the trope.
  • While I’m a fan of tsundere girls, some responders said they disliked these characters, including the anime version of Asuka Soryu Langley and “Shitoge” (Chitoge) from Nisekoi. To me, what’s important in a tsundere is the final payoff of love and emotion (the dere) that makes the journey through all the tsun worth it, but if that’s missing (*cough* Louise from Zero no Tsukaima *cough*), then fans can feel betrayed.
  • I’ve always thought that one of the most common tropes in anime was to make the main character whiny, annoying and weak so that we’ll be drawn to the side characters more. Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Evangelion, Saint Seiya, pre-Shippuden Naruto and Haruhi are all potential examples of this, depending on your personal tastes in annoying main characters.

So, which anime character do you hate? Why do you hate them? Tell us on Twitter!

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