Hataraku Saibou Cells At Work

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One of my jobs at J-List is to try to identify which series will be popular in a new anime season, so I can tell our (generally non-otaku) Japanese staff what products to be on the lookout for to post to the site, and also to know which shows have “buzz” among fans. It’s possible to measure this popularity by checking how many fanart images are posted to Pixiv, or by seeing what memes are bouncing around the Internet. And one of the most popular shows this season seems like it’s going to be the kawaii-but-weird Cells At Work!/Hataraku Saibou.

The show is about, well, you. The cells in your body, that is, which are represented by characters who work hard to do their appointed jobs every day. It follows two main characters: AE3803, a newly hired red blood cell (voiced by Tu-tu-ru queen Hanazawa Kana) who runs around delivering oxygen to various parts of the body, and U-1146, the deadpan but capable white blood cell who protects the body’s veins against invading bacteria. Along the way they encounter many other cells in the body, including killer T cells, microphage,  and dendritic cells, plus the irresistibly cute platelets, which cause blood to clot. Cells at Work! is a fresh anime concept that’s a lot of fun, sort of a cross between One Punch Man and that strange bacteria anime Moyashimon, and you should totally watch it. And best of all, the medical parts of the show are accurate, which gives us a reason to hit the gym and get healthy. Do it for her!

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