Tawarajime Hametaro is the Special Catgirl Onahole You Need

There are a few things we hope science will create for us in the 21st century. One thing we’d especially like to see is genetically engineered catgirls who greet us when we come home from work, saying “Welcome home Master. Would you like dinner? A bath? Or…me?” While the science for this may still be a few decades off, at least we have this great catgirl onahole from Tamatoys! Let’s a closer look.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

Here’s the box design, which shows Anastasia from Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, who always looks so good as a catgirl. She’s even wearing the sexy “Cat Keyhole Lingerie” for us, how sweet! In the title, tawarajime is a bundle of hay that’s tightly wound into a shape like this onahole, and hametarou is an inexplicable sexual parody of the famous hamster Hamtaro. We don’t name these things, we’re just the messenger.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole1

The shape of the Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

The outside of the Special Catgirl Onahole is plain and unassuming, made with the company’s proprietary “French  Touch” materials to feel as much like a real human girl as possible.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole2

Inside the Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

The cross-section of the toy shows an internal design that’s simple and effective, with a system of long horizontal grooves interspersed between eight twisting tentacle-like protrusions. The design is trying to capture the idea of the 数の子天井 kazunoko tenjo (“a roof rough like herring roe”) and ミミズ千匹 mimizu senbiki (“a thousand worms writhing”), which are classical ways to describe an exquisite vagina back in the Edo Period.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole3

The very stretchy Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

Like any good onahole, the Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole is very stretchy, so if you need an extra inch or two while you’re using it, it will stretch to accommodate you.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole4

The entrance of the Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

A view of the onahole with the opening exposed. Just think of all the fun times you can have with this.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole5

The texture of the Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

Another view of the inside of the toy, showing the lines and grooves that will massage away your daily stress and frustration.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole6

The Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole has a strong vacuum

As I often mention, one factor to pay attention to when choosing an onahole is its size and weight, and the more material a toy uses, the thicker and more realistic it will feel. The Special Catgirl Onahole is a hefty 400 grams, so you have lots of realistic-feeling material around you as you relieve your stress.

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole7

Tawarajime Hametaro Special Catgirl Onahole

A final look at the features of this outstanding onahole. All onaholes have “star ratings” to let you know what the structure and materials are like. This toy was rated 2/5 stars for firmness, meaning that it’s on the soft side, 3/5 stars for fit, meaning that it’s a nice comfortable fit, and 2/5 stars for tightness, so it’s recommended for larger users who might not be comfortable with a smaller, tighter onahole.

Because the internal design is on the simple side compared to some of the toys we sell, it should be easy to clean. Just wipe it out with five or six tissues until it’s completely dry inside. As usual, we recommend you not flip the onahole inside-out as it might cause tearing, or otherwise shorten the life of your special companion.

The Tawarajime Hametaro Special Cat Onahole is waiting for you. Pick her up at J-List today!

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