New Tawawa on After School Make Oppai Toys Make Mondays Better

It’s been scientifically proven that men like to squeeze soft things, and thinking about breasts can increase our inner calm and happiness. That’s the concept behind a fun anime and manga called Tawawa on Monday (Getsuyoubi no Tawawa), which presented short, enjoyable stories about oppai. The line is designed to make us feel less stress about going to work or school on Monday mornings. There are two main girls: a JK named Ai (below) and a busty company employee we know only as “Kouhai-chan” (Junior-chan).  Now,  thanks to the new Tawawa on After School, we have an official oppai toy to squeeze!

Tawawa On After School

Tawawa on After School (Click to see the uncensored version)

Like several related products we’ve got on the site, the Tawawa on After School toy is basically a realistically sized pair of breasts designed to feel soft and squeezable, just like the real thing. Everything about these breasts is as real as possible, from the soft brush of your fingers against the skin, the realistically colored nipples, and the general feel and weight of the breasts.

Tawawa On After School1

The shape of Tawawa on After School

Here they are. Notice the excellent shape and the perfect size of the accurately-colored nipples.

Tawawa On After School2

How to use Tawawa On After School

Naturally, fans would want to use these breasts for sexual pleasure, and they are designed to simulate paizuri, or titty fucking — if you want to try it. Also, the nipples are designed to be squeezed and pinched and feel just like real ones.

Tawawa On After School3

How to use Tawawa on After School

Tawawa On After School4

How to use Tawawa on After School

Tawawa On After School5

How to use it with other toys


Tawawa On After School6

Size of Tawawa on After School

At 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs), the Tawawa inspired G cup breasts are a great way to simulate large, shapely oppai for your solo pleasure time. Because the design is so simple, they will be easy to clean: just wipe a few times with tissues or a clean, damp cloth, and you’ll be fine.

Have fun lowering your stress on Mondays (or any day) with the Tawawa on After School oppai toy!

Tawawa On After School Oppai


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