An Innovative Onahole, the Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral!

Every guy knows it’s nice to sit down and take the edge off after a hard day at work, and the amazing onaholes Japan has been bringing us over the past decade or so are a great way to do this. Today we’re going to do a review of a simple and innovative new toy, the Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral, which will get the job done in no time!

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Here’s what the Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral package looks like. The art on the cover features a girl wearing the now-famous Virgin Killer sweater, who stands ready to help get you off — nuki, in Japanese — with a knowing wink.

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Size of Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

There’s quite a lot of variation in the design of onahole exteriors. Some look very detailed and realistic, while others are more vague, made with oddly colored materials in odd shapes. This toy is extremely realistic-looking, with excellent coloring and ridges on the sides to make it easy to hold while using. (If you need more length, the toy will stretch.)

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Inside of Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

The main gimmick — the Japanese use this English word to describe the features of onaholes, so I will, too — of the toy is its “thunder spiral” internal design. The thunder spiral has large grooves that attack you from all sides like a corkscrew, becoming smaller and tighter as you go all the way inside. The internal section is properly colored pink, and is made from a completely separate material that is slightly softer than the outside, simulating a real vagina, but actually going beyond what’s found in nature.

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Detail of Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

According to the manufacturers, the combination of large-then-small ridges textured with tiny bumps and grooves produces the most incredible sensation, like having a rapidly rotating tornado around your member. The weight of the toy is excellent, at 390 grams, which helps it feel more realistic than a smaller onahole. A packet of starter lotion is included in the box.

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Outside of Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

More views of the Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral special onahole from the outside, which certainly has an incredible exterior design.

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

Entrance of Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

A final view of the business end of the Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral onahole. Just think of all the fun times you can have with this toy, over many months or years!

Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral

The Nuki Girl Thunder Spiral onahole was made in Japan by Love Factor, in accordance with Japanese manufacturing standards. To clean, wipe out five or six times with tissues until completely dry, then store. As usual, we recommend that customers not flip an onahole like this inside out, as it might cause tearing or otherwise shorten the life of the toy.

The Nuki Girl Thunder Onahole is ready to serve you. What will you do?

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