New Melty Love Toririch Deluxe Onahole will Melt Your Stress Away

How realistic can an onahole feel? That’s a question that I keep asking, and Japan’s onahole manufacturers keep coming up with new answers, literally every week. Here’s the newest offering from Magic Eyes, makers of the “Sujiman” (roughtably translatable as “sinews of vagina”) series, which I evangelize a lot becuase of reasons. Today’s toy is the Melty Love Toririch, which is their largest and most realistic work yet. Let’s take a look!

Melty Love – Tororich

Melty Love – Tororich

One of the recent themes in high-end onaholes is mucchiri, or “thick,” and this offering continues this tradition, with a high weight (the heavier an onahole is the more realistic it’s likely to feel). This onahole is a massive 500 grams, with thick, satisfying walls of onahole material around your member as you use the toy.

Melty Love – Tororich1

Size of Melty Love – Tororich

The Melty Love Tororich toy is made using the company’s proprietary Magic Eyes Skin material, which accurately re-creates the feel of a real girl, from both the outside as well as the inside. The material is designed to be low odor, and feel exactly as a real girl would feel when you get sexy with it.

Melty Love – Tororich2

Detail of Melty Love – Tororich

Here’s the internal view of the onahole, showing the amazing insides of the toy, which are accurately pink colored, a hallmark of the Magic Eyes company. Everything is absolutely realistic: you get the feel of the outer lips, plus many amazing crevices and bridges, a narrow snaking route, plus a “finish zone” where you can release all your daily stress. Everything is ready for you.

Melty Love – Tororich6

Melty Love – Tororich Manga

This is a hilarious manga about a guy who’s accused of groping a woman on a train, but he uses the fact that he owns a Melty Love Toririch onahole as a legal defense. “A man who owns in onahole this good wouldn’t possibly grope a woman on the train! Not guilty!” So it’s good to own one of these, in case anyone ever accuse you of touching them improperly.

Melty Love – Tororich3

Measurements of Melty Love – Tororich

More information of the Melty Love Toririch sex toy. An amazing 500 grams of weight, and 15 cm of length (if you need more, it stretches). I often recommend the Magic Eyes products for customers packing larger equipment, because they are outstanding, and this toy is no exception.

Melty Love – Tororich4

Inside detail of Melty Love – Tororich

Additional product details. The opening is tiny, to allow you to experience her virginity, and there’s a proper hymen which you get to punch through the first time you use it. Through repeated uses, the toy will become “shaped” to fit you size and style. Basically, this is the most realistic and amazing onahole we’ve seen so far.

Melty Love – Tororich7

The Melty Love Toririch onahole is made in Japan by Magic Eyes, in accordance with Japanese manufacturing standards. Starter lotion is included, though you might want to pick up more. To clean, wipe with tissues five or six times, until completely dry. With proper care, this onahole can serve you dozens or hundreds of times.

Your thick anime girl is waiting. What will you do?

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