Japan’s Newest Oral Onahole has a Realistic Mouth

It never fails: right after I get done writing a post like the definitive Oral Pleasure Toy Buyers’ Guide, a great new oral onahole like the SUGO FELLA amazing fellatio toy comes out, making my post incomplete. And what an amazing oral onahole it is! This is the most realistic toy we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot of them. Let’s take a look at it in detail!



The SUGO FELLA oral simulation toy is made by Enjoy Toys to accurately simulate fellatio. Everything is perfectly realistic: the soft mouth with accurate red coloring, a large tongue that moves separately as you use the toy, and most amazingly, actual “teeth” that you can feel as you use the toy, just like when getting a real blow job. They brush every so softly against you as you move over them, which will drive you crazy.


Inside detail of the SUGO – FELLA

Everything about the SUGO FELLA masturbation toy is realistic, including the chin and nose, the accurate teeth (which are made of a soft but firm rubber polymer), the tongue, and you can even feel her uvula, the thing that hangs down at the back of her throat. The teeth are so detailed and realistic, you can perform dental work on it if you’re studying dentistry.


Entrance detail of the SUGO – FELLA

More details of the mouth and a peek inside. We’ve never seen a sex toy manufacturer as dedicated as Enjoy Toys is at re-creating the perfect oral experience. The way the lips peel back, the accurate coloring inside, it’s all amazing. Also, this toy sports a new feature called “Faceshift Gimmick,” which allows the jaw to open much wider than other similar oral onaholes. This is great if you need more size.


You can adjust her mouth to stimulate you as you need

The tongue for this oral onahole is accurately detailed and feels just like the real thing. It’s separate and can be pulled out of the mouth, as shown. You can feel the tongue moving around inside.


You can adjust her mouth!

The Faceshift Gimmick feature basically lets you choose how you want to fap, with her mouth half open, open in an “O” shape, or all the way open with her jaw as wide as it can go. Being a huge toy, this product is recommended for customers who need a larger onahole experience. She can take all of you, no problems.


Please clean her up after use — she comes with a cleaning brush included!

After you finish, you can wipe the inside of the onahole out using standard tissues, as well as the included brush that absorbs liquids and helps keep everything clean and nice. Because of the internal complexity of this onahole, you should take extra care to dry it completely inside, at the back and under the tongue.

The SUGO – FELLA amazing oral onahole is made by Enjoy Toys and manufactured in Japan for maximum quality and safety. The perfect onahole, a girl who’s willing to go down on you anytime you ask, which is great for managing your stress after a long day at work. To order, visit the J-List site now!


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