The Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole Will See You Now

If you’ve read some of the onahole reviews I’ve written and clicked through to see the products on the site, you’ve probably noticed that they’re sometimes unavailable. Obviously, any product will have a set production run, and when it’s over the item will go out of stock. While some onaholes disappear after only a couple of months, some have been around for years and years, including this one, called the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal onahole. Let’s take a look!

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal

The Ecstasy! Doctor Anal onahole simulates a sexy doctor named Ruri who brings healing to her patients in an unconventional way, letting them bang her in the ass. It’s got an innovative design that looks like it came from Planet Cthulhu.

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

Inside Detail of the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal

Let’s look at the details of the toy. While we often recommend that people not turn onaholes inside-out for cleaning, this toy is actually designed for it. On the “outside” is a myriad of tentacles and protrusions, which are made available by turning the toy inside out so that the exterior details are now on the interior. Get ready for a party!

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

How to use the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal

Here’s a look at how to prepare the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal toy for use. You flip it inside out so that the smooth part is on the outside and the incredible tentacles and bumps are now on the inside. Since it’s okay to flip like this, it becomes very easy to clean when you’re finished.

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

The entrance of the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal

Doctor Ruri says, “Onaholes are nice, but ana-holes [anal onaholes] are good, too!” The package makes a delicious pun, having the doctor tell you the toy is 超気持ち cho kimochi, which means “feels super good,” while the phonetically identical 腸 cho means “large intestines.”

Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

How to clean up the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal


Ecstasy! Doctor Anal Onahole

Enjoy the Ecstasy! Doctor Anal

The Ecstasy! Doctor Anal onahole is manufactured here in Japan by Ride Japan, in accordance with all Japanese laws and regulations, for maximum quality. The toy includes special “anal” lotion, but you could pick up some silicone-based anal lube if you like. (Any lotion will work though.) To clean, invert the toy so that the bumps are on the outside, and wipe with tissues until dry.

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