The “Back Girl” Virgin Killer Onahole

Everyone loves those “Virgin Killer sweaters,” which are so random and sexy that they could only have come from Japan. The only thing better than a sexy girl wearing a Virgin Killer sweater would be one who was willing to let you have sex with her, sliding inside from behind while she stuck her ass out invitingly. And now there’s an onahole for that, the Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole!

Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

The toy is called Back Girl, and it’s made by Toy’s Heart, a company we’ve been very close with for years, and which has really distinguished itself through innovative design and manufacturing approaches. This great new toy simulates a cute girl who’s letting us enter her vagina from behind, accurately mimicing what the Japanese call bakku sekkusu (doggy style sex).

Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Shape of the Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Here’s what the toy looks like from the outside. As expected, it’s a great ass that we get to play with, however we wish. Touch it, stroke it, and have all kinds of fun. Note that the hole you enter is the vagina; the anus, visible above, is a small hole that holds a bullet vibrator (not included), so you can have sex with the toy as it vibrates. That might be better than the real thing!

Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Inside the Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Here’s the inside of the toy, seen in cross-section. After you get past the vaginal opening, you’re assaulted by a dozen or so large and small grooves. These move against you as you enter. Next there’s a large “G spot,” which stimulates the bottom of your penis. In the second half of the love-tunnel, there’s a tight zone filled with dots and bumps that will make short work of your daily stress.

Visible at the top is the anus, which is a small opening that holds the “rotar” (sic) vibrator inside, to make the whole toy vibrate while you use it.

Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

The “Front” of the Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

Another view of the toy with a vibrator installed. The large butt cheeks combined with the vibration will ensure a pleasurable time, and you’ll be feeling like a new man in no time. How convenient!


Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole

The Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole is made in Japan by Toy’s Heart, in accordance with all Japanese quality and manufacturing standards. The toy includes starter lotion, but you can browse our lineup to see what other varieties you might want to order with your Virgin Killer Onahole.
To clean the toy, wipe with tissues repeatedly until clean, to make sure all liquids are removed, then store in a dry place. With proper care, you could get years of use out of this toy. All for less than the price of the cheapest date at Olive Garden!

The Back Girl Virgin Killer Onahole is waiting for you. Don’t keep her waiting!

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