New Azur Lane Parody Toy Provides Great Backstory

At J-List, we have to keep our eyes open for upcoming trends so we can react quickly when some new shows or game suddenly gets popular. Recently a Chinese game similar to Kantai Collection called Azur Lane really took off, inspiring tons of impressive fan art, doujinshi, and cosplay of WWII era ships remixed as cute girls. Now, our friends at Tamatoys have made the first Azur Lane parody onahole, and we’ve reviewed it for you!

Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Here’s the package of the product, called Anal Lane. Being an anal toy, it simulates the back door of one of the most popular Azur Lane characters, Atago, who is known for her “backstory” in fanart. And now you can have anal sex with her anytime you like!

Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Inside the Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

As usual, Tamatoys has put a lot of energy into designing the part that’s most important to us guys, the internals. This toy is built around a “honeycomb” motif, with ridges and grooves that move one way as you slide in, then reverse course and move the other way when you move out again. There are large and small bumps and textures that stimulate you from all sides, until you’re ready to fire your main cannon and release all your little seamen.

Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Detail of the Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

In keeping with the naval theme of the toy, the insides are grooved in a spiral shape known as “rifling,” which is the term for the grooves inside a large naval gun. So, if you really like the naval aspect of Azur Lane (and Kantai Collection), you will appreciate this feature. Hell, you’ll appreciate the feature no matter what.

Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Shape of the Anal Lane (Azur Lane Parody)

Another side view of the Azur Lane parody toy. You can see how deep the grooves go in places, which is important because lotion accumulates inside these grooves, providing the lubrication you need when you’re using the toy.

The Anal Lane — Azur Lane parody toy is made in Japan by Tamatoys. The toy is shipped in a shrink-wrapped box, with additional airtight bags to secure it. Starter lotion is included in the box. To clean, take four or five tissues and wipe the inside out until it’s completely dry, then store. With proper cleaning and drying, you should be able to get hundreds of uses out of it.

A new adventure at sea awaits. Will you answer the call!

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