One thing about the word otaku: it can refer to any kind of aficionado of a thing, not just anime and manga. There’s an otaku for just about any subject you can think of. Idol otaku, who obsess about their favorite idol band members. Train otaku, who look at pictures of their favorite rare or unique trains in different corners of Japan, and travel there to ride them. (When I was a teacher, my smartest students all seemed to fall into this category.) PC otaku, who obsess about how to build the perfect rig. BL lovers (fujoshi) and “history gals” (rekijo). And yes, Japan has a strong culture of military otaku, guys and girls who obsess about the uniforms, advanced technology, and weaponry used by the military. And now Japan has a military otaku girlfriend for you!

The toy is made by PxPxP / G Project, the hot new onahole company that’s been doing some really good work. It simulates a sexy mili gal, a military otaku girl who loves everything about guns, ammunition, and everything else that goes with the military. Happily, she also likes sex and is glad to let you invade her whenever you like.

Military Gal1

Kyu Kyu Neji Neji

The onahole is solidly built, with a good exterior design that’s pleasing to the eye. Recently, onahole makers have been paying a lot of attention to the detail of the outer pussy lips and clitoris, and the Military Gal onahole is no exception. The catchphrase is kyu kyu neji neji, which is basically the sound of screwing in something so tightly it squeaks. Fire in the hole!

Military Gal2

Details of the Military Gal

Let’s look at the inside of the Military Gal onahole, which is deliciously detailed. Slide your entrenching tool into the tight opening, and you’ll find large horizontal grooves that stimulate you, followed by a “tight zone” in the middle, and a tube with “rifling” grooves, just like the inside of a large gun. At the back is a space where you can make your honorable discharge when you’re ready.

Military Gal4

Military Gal rifling grooves

Just look at the grooves on this, Drill Sergeant. You’ve never enjoyed night combat so much.

Military Gal3

The size of the Military Gal

The Military Gal onahole lets you sample what sex with a military otaku girl would be like. With an outstanding internal and external design and a realistic feel, it’s a foxhole you can retreat to whenever you need to relax after a hard day of maneuvers.

The Military Gal onahole is made in Japan by PxPxP / G Project, and comes with a packet of starter lotion for your first couple of firing drills. To clean, wipe out with four or five tissues until completely dry inside, then store in a dry place with airflow. With proper maintenance, you should be able to get months or years of service out of this toy.

Would you like to date a military otaku girl and obsess about guns, uniforms, and all things military? She’s standing by on our site now!

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