Hello, everybody! Have you seen the most recent release on JAST USA, Lilium x Triangle? I had a blast working on the project as the editor, and now I’m here to tell you why you should definitely take a look at it. Simply put, if you’re into yuri (that’s girl on girl romance, for those who don’t know), and you want a game with an all-star voice cast and beautiful art to back it up, you’ll want Lilium x Triangle for your library.

Lilium x Triangle Title Screen

But before that… If you downloaded a copy of the game on release day, you’ll want to re-download Lilium x Triangle, uninstall your current version, and install the updated version. There are a couple of small bugs that got in that require a full uninstall to fix. While the first iteration will work normally, reinstalling will make the experience that much better!

The Story So Far…

Haruka is a succubus from the demon realm. She didn’t particularly enjoy her time there. Guys just aren’t her thing. Cute girls, though? Yeah, those are right up her alley. In order to maintain her powers, Haruka must consume vital energy — essentially, she needs to have somebody to love. Hugging and kissing and touching is all fine and good, but it won’t last forever.

So, she decides to come to the human realm at the cost of most of her power. Haruka hopes that she’ll quickly find somebody to latch onto, but she realizes after a short while that crossing between realms drained too much of her energy. As a result, she collapses in the street. Here, she is found by sisters Yuuna and Sana, who decide to take her in.

Lilium StoryScreen - Lilium x Triangle

The sisters wear the same little hairpiece. That… is incredibly adorable…

Haruka quickly ends up living the freeloader lifestyle, and the sisters have varying opinions on it. Sana, the colder and more analytical of the two sisters, insists on mercilessly teasing Haruka at every opportunity. Yuuna, on the other hand, is much more airheaded, and an odd combination of childish and caring. She’ll act much younger than she is one moment, and then be a mother figure the next. That’s probably the result of the airheadedness, though, I imagine…

But as the story progresses, Haruka unconsciously starts to get closer to the sisters, and she doesn’t realize that Sana has a secret: she’s in love. She also has a bigger secret: she’s in love with Haruka. When Haruka realizes this, the game goes into overdrive, and she can’t hold back any longer. Who has she grown the closest to? That, my friends, is up to you to decide.

The Characters

Lilium Sana - Lilium x Triangle

If this doesn’t scream tsundere, I don’t know what would…

Hirose Sana, voiced by the incredibly talented (and recently retired) Fujimori Yukina (Marco Polo: Eiyu*Senki, Shino: Corona Blossom, Russelior: Funbag Fantasy, and Nene: Eroge!, just to name a few), is your typical tsundere: cold exterior, super warm and fuzzy interior. We know this because she has the telling combination of loving to make stuffed animals and then going to tell Haruka that she’s going to be taken away by the military if she tries to get away. In reality, though, Sana is just really bad about telling people how she feels. She’s so scared about telling Haruka her feelings directly at first that she decides to approach it a different way.

Lilium Sana - Lilium x Triangle

So that’s why “triangle” is in the title…

Should Haruka decide to be with Sana, expect some warm-up foreplay to break down that cold exterior, followed by Sana wanting to take the lead. Granted, this doesn’t always work out — Haruka is a succubus, y’know — which leads to a lot of unexpected situations. For Sana, at least. But Lilium x Triangle only features pure yuri, which means no toys or other objects. It’s two girls sharing their love for each other using nothing but their own bodies.

Lilium Yuuna - Lilium x Triangle

Yes, I would love some nukige with my sugar.

Hirose Yuuna, voiced by the also-incredibly talented model gone voice actor Hayase Yayoi (Ichika: Momoiro Closet, Aki: Shining Song Starnova, Nagi: Maitetsu), is, again, an airhead. She’s the type of girl you can’t help but want to protect, and in return you’ll get to hear a combination of cute and sometimes crazy lines. But underneath all of that is a loving heart that wants nothing more than for everyone to be happy. Her way of showing this, however, isn’t always the easiest to swallow… literally. Haruka learns this the hard way when she finds out that Yuuna only knows how to make sweets (something that Sana teases her constantly for), including a variant of “sweet curry” that doesn’t sound very appetizing. Apparently all that sugar went to her chest, however, something that Sana and Haruka are both jealous of.

Lilium Yuuna - Lilium x Triangle

I could easily sleep for hours like this…

When Yuuna’s motherly side comes out, she’s much more about the whole “sharing is caring” side of a relationship, which means that everybody has to climax together or else it isn’t fun. And she’s serious about that, too, even if it means getting on top of Haruka to prove it. Not that Haruka minds, of course.

Lilium Haruka - Lilium x Triangle

Succubi can retract their tails. No wonder it’s so easy for them to lure people…

And then, of course, we have Haruka. Voiced by Kitamura Aya (Hanon: Shiny Days, Palamedes: Eiyuu*Senki, Aya: Imouto Paradise!), Haruka gives Yuuna a run for her money in the “airhead” category, but that’s because she’s from another world. Or, at least, we hope so. Haruka’s the type of succubus that actually cares about who she feeds on. She’s not in it for the oodles of sex, she wants it to mean something. Maybe the vital energy is more potent that way? It would make a lot of sense, considering she’s going to such lengths to find girls she can lick (her words, not mine). Haruka is the protagonist for all intents and purposes, since all the choices we get to make are from her perspective.

Though while I say she’s not in it for the sex, she’s definitely got her mind on it.

Lilium Haruka - Lilium x Triangle

Now THAT’S dedication.

Check It Out!

I had a ton of fun working on Lilium x Triangle, and there’s enough variety here, even for a pure yuri title, for everyone to enjoy. Definitely make sure to make it a part of your collection. Check out Lilium x Triangle on JAST USA today!

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