One of the promises of anime is that there are no limits, and anything that can be imagined can be created and animated. The same is true of Japan’s amazing onahole manufacturers: there are no limits to what inventions they can create to help our sexual fantasy life grow, no dream they can’t make real. And now a new company called GFF (Good Feeling Factory) has made a line of official monster girl onahole toys based on Monmusu Quest, the legendary 2011 era PC hentai game and hentai anime. Let’s take a look at them!

ERBETIE Monster Girl Onahole

The first girl is the Slime Girl Erbetie (also written Erubetie), one of the Four Heavenly Knights, who is a collective consciousness of the 10,000 women she has absorbed through her life. Being a purple slime monster, her body can assume many forms, including tentacles, making for an amazing sexual experience for you. The toy features her full body, with breasts, ass, dripping slime, plus an amazing inside that features large horizontal then vertical grooves, which will take care of your daily stress in no time. The Erubetie Monster Girl onahole is a satisfying 410 grams in the hand.


MINAGI Monster Girl Onahole

Minagi is the titular “Whore of Babylon” who possesses many magical powers, who seeks sexual pleasure with the game’s main character Luka (you), and who will offer endless delights with her body. The toy features a sexy body to touch anywhere you like, with lots of external details, but inside the vagina is where the fun begins, with deep crevices, crisscrossing winds and large dots to stimulate you from all directions until you shoot your load. In general, larger, heavier onaholes are better for realistic feeling, and the Minagi Monster Girl onahole is a satisfying 420 grams.


ALMA ELMA Monster Girl Onahole

Finally, we have Alma Elma, the Queen of the Succubi and one of the Four Heavenly Knights, a mysterious and whimsical being who loves to use the games main character Luka (you) as an object of casual sexual pleasure. The toy is amazing, featuring Alma wearing sexy armor, with breasts, ass and fully formed bat wings you can toy with. Her vagina is large and welcoming at the front, then becomes tight in the middle, with crevices flowing this way and that like octopus tentacles. At the back are soft “teeth-like” protrusions that touch you from above and below as you shoot your load. At 430 grams, the Alma Elma Monster Girl onahole is large and meaty in your hand, great for a realistic feel.








All three of the Monmusu Quest monster girl onaholes are amazing, each offering a totally different experience than the others. Each comes with a packet of lotion, so you’re ready to go from day one. Because each onahole has a rather complex internal structure, we recommend cleaning with six or seven tissues, until completely dry inside. As always, you should remove all liquids from inside a sex toy before storage to avoid smells or discoloration.

Well, your monster girls are waiting for you to choose one of them. Or you could get all three? See them all on the J-List website now!

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