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These days the genre of “fantasy isekai” is more popular than ever, and every season it seems we get multiple new anime shows that transport us to fantasy worlds. Now you can combine your love of sex toys from Japan with your fascination with the fantasy genre. Let’s explore three popular fantasy-themed onaholes available through J-List!

We start off with the Enjoy Party Cup – Princess Knight, a “cup-style” onahole that simulates sweet dungeon sex with a female fighter.

The inside of the Enjoy Party Cup – Princess Knight is amazing, a pre-lubed sex toy that’s ready whenever you need it. inside there are lots of vertical grooves, deep ridges, dots, and caverns for you to explore.

One interesting feature of the Enjoy Party Cup series is this air hole, which lets you choose the amount of suction you will experience inside. Will you go with Level One, the default? Or hold your finger over the hole partially for level 2? Or go for the strongest vacuum level of all, level 3?



If you’ve always wanted to experience sexy times with an elf, you can go with the Enjoy Party Cup — Elf toy from Enjoy Toys, also a “cup-style” onahole.

Enjoy Party Cup – Elf1

Detail of Enjoy Party Cup – Elf

The inside of the toy is incredible, starting off with strong ridges at the top, a series of “fingers” that stroke you from all sides as you glide by, plus curved ridges which will gently bring you to orgasm, allowing you to recover your hit points.

Enjoy Party Cup – Elf2

How effective “Air Hole”

The Enjoy Party Cup — Elf also has an air hole you can cover or uncover, to control the amount of “suction magic” inside the toy.


Finally, there is an outstanding onahole that we’ve been selling for years from Toy’s Heart (ToysHeart), the Onaho Fairy, which accurately simulates a sexual encounter with a fairy you meet on a quest. The fairy is curious about your smell and keeps approaching you, sniffing at your body in an interesting way. Perhaps she wants to mate with you!

Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator4

Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator detail

The Onaho Fairy toy is incredible, re-creating both the exterior and the interior of a sexy fairy. You’re going to have so much fun with her!

Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator1

Shape of Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator

On the outside, you have breasts and buttocks to play with, but better still is how realistic her pussy looks, so inviting.

Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator2

Inside of Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator

The inside of the toy is structured with dozens of long, horizontal grooves that culminate into a “tight zone” in the middle, which will provide the most stimulation for you. Once you move past it, there’s a large cavernous space where you can release all your daily stress and frustration, and have it whisked away magically.

Onaho Fairy – Fairy Of Masturbator3


Open up the whole— remember, the Japanese have an onomatopoeia for this, called くぱぁ kupaa— and look inside, it’s so realistic and inviting, and you can use it anytime you like!

The Enjoy Party Cup and Onahole Fairy toys were made in Japan, by Enjoy Toys and Toy’s Heart prospectively. All products contain starter lotion, but you might want to pick up more with your order. To clean the cup-style onaholes, wiped out with tissue as best you can, but understand that couple onaholes always have a shorter useful lifespan than more flexible onaholes. The Onaho Fairy toilet will be much easier to clean: just wipe out with four or five tissues until completely dry inside, then store in a dry place.

A new adventure calls to you, will you answer it’s call? Browse the fun fantasy onaholes in stock on J-List now!

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