Have you ever wanted to date a muscled and athletic girl wearing bicycle shorts? That’s the question asked in the GYUPO RIDE Crystal Onahole, a new offering from PPPXE x G Project that promises to take care of your daily stress in no time. it seems like a good option that offers some features customers will enjoy. Let’s take a look!

The GYUPO RIDE Crystal Onahole is a “feature onahole” meaning that the company has built several interesting features into it which should be appreciated by fans. First of all, the onahole promises a “soft onahole experience, yet with proper support” which is achieved by an outer “firmer” material on the outside of the onahole. This is a “crystal” onahole meaning that it’s partially transparent, so you can see what’s going on inside, if you’re into that.

Let’s look at the internal features of the GYUPO RIDE onahole. First of all, is designed to create a strong “vacuum corkscrew” effect, which sucks you in and won’t let you go until you’re done. The onahole features deep crevices and canyons inside, which stimulate you from all directions and also hold lotion, to make sure everything is properly lubricated. In the middle is a “straight zone” that pinches you ever so slightly with tightness. Towards the end, there are “butterfly wings,” protrusions which stroke you from one direction as you go in, then reverse as you go back out. Finally, there is a space at the back where you’ll finish, including a large bump that simulates her cervical opening.

At 250 grams, the weight is reasonable, not too large and not too small.

The GYUPO RIDE onahole is definitely stretchy, and will extend to meet the needs of any customer. This is good if you need more length, as most of us do.

In case you don’t know how to use in onahole, at an appropriate amount of lotion (which is included in the box, ), then squeeze the onahole to move the lotion around inside, and remove any air. This will aid in creating “suction” and improve the overall experience. When finished, wiped out with several tissues until completely dry inside, then store. If you wish, you can wash with water, though in our experience it’s not required.

The GYUPO RIDE Crystal Onahole is made in Japan by PPEXE and G Project, in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing laws and guidelines. With proper maintenance, you should be able to get many months or even years of use out of this toy.

Your sexy athletic girlfriend is waiting to have some fun with you. Find the GYUPO RIDE Crystal Onahole on the J-List site today!

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