Want to Lewd the Campers? Now You Can!

Whenever a really popular anime comes along, we can be pretty sure our friends at Tamatoys will make a parody onahole of it, and they haven’t let us down today. The new toy is Yuru Kyun, the perfect comfortable onahole for all your solo camp needs, especially good for Yuru Camp fans. Let’s take a look!

Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole

Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole

Here’s the box. The toy is based on Rin Shima, the main character of Yuru Camp, a girl with an appreciation for “solo camp” or camping in the winter by herself with a tent, warm sleeping bag, comforter, and a cup of hot ramen.

Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole1

The shape of the Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole

Here’s the outside of the toy, which is huge. It’s a massive slab of realistic-to-the-touch flesh that’s 450g (1 lb) of material, which makes it feel like the real thing. The word yuru means “laid back” or “comfy” and the toy is certainly designed to be comfortable for larger users, with a large, welcoming internal zone that will take our entire length and brings peace at the end of a long day camping on the slopes of Mt. Fuji.

Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole4

Inside of the Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole

The inside of the onahole looks great, with a large open space for you to slide inside, a slight tight zone (which expands as you use the toy to confirm to your personal shape), and another large space with large soft protrusions to spill your seed when you’re done. Just imagine being able to use this great toy any time you want to feel more relaxed.

Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole3

Detail of the Yuru Kyun Parody Onahole

A detailed look at the internal features of the onahole. You get a realistic labial opening at the front, with awesome grooves that suck you in with a strong vacuum action. Despite being large and comfortable for larger users, it stretches if you need even more length. The toy is rated 2/5 stars for firmness, 3/5 stars for size/comfort, and 2/5 stars for tightness, meaning a pillowy soft and soothing feel around your penis.

The Yuru Kyun Yuru Camp parody onahole is made in Japan by Tamatoys, for maximum quality. A packet of starter lotion is included in the box, but you can get some more from J-List with your order (the “female scented” lotions we stock are especially awesome).

Rin is waiting for you in her tent. Order the Yuru Kyun Yuru Camp parody onahole now!

Yuru Camp Hentai Meme 1

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