New Twisting Onahole Will Bend Over Backwards to Please You

Sometimes Japanese onahole makers come up with simple, easy-to-understand concepts that are a breeze for me to write about here, like Dark Anime Succubus onahole, or the Yandere Girlfriend onahole that’s so good, it will keep you from sleeping with other onaholes. Other times, I have to work harder to translate where they’re coming from, and this is one of those cases. This is the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole, an awesome twisting onahole that simulates ebizori jumping, which is when you jump as high as you can, arching your spine backwards like a shrimp does. Anyway, let’s look at the details!

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

Let’s look at the box. The onahole is an amazing, unreal shape that’s designed around the theme of a “shrimp arching its back”, called ebizori in Japanese. The designers have definitely given themselves a lot of freedom to create an amazing toy with crisscrossing grooves and bumps that twist around and around. The toy doesn’t even try to imitate nature, but goes way beyond it.

Ebizori Onahole Momokuro

Ebizori Jump by idol group Momokuro

This is an example of the “ebizori jump” which became the trademark of the idol band Momokuro. It became a meme in Japan, and now an onahole! The term also describes a woman having sex while lifting herself like a crab.

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

Shape of the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole

A look at the toy from the outside. It’s definitely something that’s completely new to the industry, shaped just like a shrimp! That’s one to tell your grandkids about someday!

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

Size of the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole

The inside of the Ebijolena onahole is amazing, with deep horizontal grooves going from the base all the way up, interspersed with twisting segments featuring soft dots. These will stimulate you from all sides at once. At 17 cm, the toy is larger than most, and recommended for customers packing larger equipment. (The toy stretches if you need more length.) At 265 grams in weight, it will feel perfect in your hand; not too heavy and not too light.

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

Entrance of the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole

An outside-looking-in view of the toy, as it welcomes you inside.

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

How to use the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole. We’re pretty sure you’ll be able to figure it out, but here’s a helpful graphic just in case.

Ebijolena Masterful Twisting Onahole

How to use the Ebijolena Masterful Onahole

The Ebijolena Masterful Onahole is designed to be used in two ways: in normal mode, which allows you to feel the upward arch of the toys shape, which puts extra stimulation on the bottom of your penis, and “reverse” mode, which simulates having doggy style sex. Both will cause you to arch your own back as you experience amazing pleasure again and again.

The Ebijolena Masterful Onahole is made in Japan by A-One. Starter lotion is included in the box, but you might want to pick up some more. To clean, just wipe the inside with tissues five or six times until it’s completely dry, then store. With proper cleaning, you should be able to get dozens or hundreds of uses out of this great toy. Order yours now!

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