New ‘Moromanko Sensei’ Gives Us Our Own Tsundere Girl

I remember the moment when anime became real. It was about a decade ago, when J-List made a Japanese “school swimsuit” for cosplay and fetish use. But it wasn’t just any school swimsuit: it was Taiga’s, from the pool episode. So I had the swimsuit of my favorite tsundere girl, sitting on my desk.

It was the beginning of a paradigm shift in the industry that has been called “2.5D,” which is the place between 2D and 3D—physical objects in our world that make the anime world more real. These products include dakimakura hug pillows, shimapan striped panties that Hatsune Miku might have worn, and onaholes based on our favorite anime girls, like the new Moromanko Sensei toy for Eromanga Sensei fans. Let’s take a look!

Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Girl Toy)

Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Girl Toy)

The toy simulates sexy times with Yamada Elf-sensei, who is an extremely cute and eccentric side character from the anime Eromanga Sensei. It’s your chance to be with the most interesting and cute tsundere girl to come along in anime in years.

Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Parody Toy)2

Shape of Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Girl Toy)

Here’s the external shape of the Moromanko Sensei tsundere girl toy, which has excellent coloring and looks very realistic. True to the tsundere design approach, this toy is made of the hardest onahole materials that exist, making it firm to the touch.

Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Parody Toy)3

Detail of Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Parody Toy)

The inside of the toy is outstanding, with deep grooves that attack you diagonally, each from a new direction, which are specifically designed to simulate Elf Yamada’s “drill hair.” The word rasen (spiral) is used in the catch copy above, a nice description of what you’ll get to enjoy with this toy.
All onaholes are ranked with a short data file, and this toy is rated 4/5 stars on “firmness,” 4/5 stars on “sensitivity”, and 4/5 stars on “tightness”. The takeaway is that this is a very firm onahole that will be tight for the first few uses, then get looser. I personally prefer these kinds of toys over onaholes that are made of materials that feel too soft.

Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Parody Toy)

Inside of the Moromanko Sensei (Tsundere Parody Toy)

The Elf Yamada tsundere girl onahole is an outstanding toy that simulates sex with a cute ojosama rich girl. The internal grooves are great, and will provide you with lots of stimulation and stress relief at the end of a very long day. And, as you finish, you can whisper Elf Sensei’s real name, which is Ellen.

The toy is made in Japan, by Tamatoys, the best company to make products for perverted otakus. It features “vacuum spiral” suction, is made of materials designed to have low odor, and weighs 270 grams, which is a good medium-sized weight for realistic fapping. Well, do you have what it takes to warm Elf-sensei’s heart? She’s waiting for you, order today!

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