Want To Visit Tokyo? You Can With Tokyo Denpa Girl!

If there’s one thing that defines the Japanese, it’s their culture of giving omiyage, or souvenirs brought back from exotic locations after a journey to friends and family. In any Japanese city, you’ll find shops selling hundreds of “limited” products from that region, with everything from Nagano Limited Kit Kat flavors to amazing matcha flavored Baumkuchen cakes you can only get at one location in Kyoto. Now Tamatoys is getting on this “limited” bandwagon, making a fun, inexpensive onahole that’s only sold in the Kanto (Tokyo) area, which simulates Tokyo Sky Tree!

Tokyo Denpa Girl

Tokyo Denpa Girl

The box shows the mascot of Tamatoys, known as Super Tama Musume, who totally isn’t a parody of Super Sonico or anything. The package shows the character enjoying a wonderful visit to Tokyo, with Tokyo Skytree and some cherry blossoms in the background, preparing to eat some wonderful bento with you. What better way to celebrate a special visit to Tokyo with Tama Musume than to have sex with her!

Tokyo Denpa Girl2

The External Shape of the Tokyo Denpa Girl

This is an inexpensive onahole, which we often describe as sex toys that are “good for beginners” or first-time users, which means that the toy is slightly smaller compared to some of the full-size, more massive onaholes we sell. You should keep this in mind if you’re packing larger equipment. Steer towards something larger if so, like the excellent products by Magic Eyes.

Tokyo Denpa Girl3

Inside the Tokyo Denpa Girl

In a design first, the inside of the onahole creates a miniature version of Tokyo Skytree for you, with crisscrossing ribbed patterns, a tighter area of lines and bumps, plus a final space at the “top” of the tower to ejaculate into. For everyone who’s always wanted to have a sexual relationship with the highest tower in Japan — or the world — this is your chance!

Tokyo Denpa Girl1

Details of the Tokyo Denpa Girl

The onahole looks good, offering excellent coloring and external/internal design, which will certainly take care of your problems quickly. The toy is designed to create a vacuum sensation while you use it, and the materials are made to have as little odor as possible. Onaholes come with star ratings, so you know what to expect ahead of time. This toy is 3/5 stars for firmness, 3/5 stars for comfortable fit, and 3/5 stars for “tightness.” It sounds just perfect, really.

The Tokyo Denpa Girl onahole is made in Japan in accordance with high manufacturing standards and is going to give you a great masturbation experience any time you need it. Starter lotion is included in the box, but you might need more. To clean, just wipe out with 3-4 tissues until completely dry inside.

Tokyo is calling you… will you come? Order the Tokyo Denpa Girl onahole from J-List now!

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