A Onahole Based On “That Pool”?

Everyone in the world seems to know about the existence of the most famous pool in Japan, which is officially called Rei no Pool (That Pool). It’s a private indoor pool called Hanazono Room in Tokyo that can be rented for private photography shoots. It’s commonly used as the set of porn videos, and has become a famous meme across the Internet. (If you’re wondering, it costs $900 for a 3 hour session.) And now there’s an official onahole for people fascinated with That Pool, the That Hole Rei no Pool Onahole.

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole — That Pool

The toy is called Rei no Hole (That Hole), and its connection That Pool is…nothing. It’s just an image Tamatoys used to brand its new onahole. The toy also features Super Sonico, I mean Tama-chan, the company’s official character.

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole1

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole — That Pool

Here’s the side view of the That Pool onahole, which boasts a large size and excellent design features. At 400 grams, the toy qualifies as being very thick and meaty (do the kids still say “thicc”?), the better to simulate the soft lady bits that guys like so much.

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole2

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole

Each onahole has a unique and fresh design, and Tamatoys always puts tons of effort into the internal design of their products, to create the perfect sensations for male stress relief. This toy has a “spiral loop” that sucks you in, creating an amazing feedback loop of pleasure that will make you forget your daily cares in short order. The toy is also very stretchy, allowing it to accommodate any sized user, which is always nice.

All onaholes are ranked with regards to tightness, materials, so customers know ahead of time what to expect. This toy is 2/5 stars for “hardness” (meaning softer, less firm materials), 3/5 stars for sensitivity, and 3/5 stars for tightness, meaning not too tight and not too loose.

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole3

That Hole Rei No Pool Onahole

The That Hole Rei no Pool Onahole is made in Japan, by Tamatoys, the company that makes the world of 2D anime girls real for us to enjoy. To clean, wipe with tissues 4-5 times until completely dry inside, then store in a dry place.

Tamatoys has created a very nice large-size onahole for all us lucky stressed-out males with the That Hole Rei no Pool Oahole. Want to take it for a spin?

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