My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki, the Worst Onahole?

I spend a lot of time talking about the awesome onaholes made by Japan’s various manufacturers, but are they all that good? It can’t be denied that, with so many male stress toys being made every month, some really bizarre designs get approved for production. I thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the “failed” ideas we’ve seen over the years, and see if we can find the worst onahole design ever.

There have been a lot of candidates, including onaholes trying to capture the popularity of Kemono Friends or Kimi no Na Wa, the Double Tekoki Onahole simulating two fists, and toys simulating a girl’s foot, or her ear. But the worst of them all is the Private Nakadashi Niku benki flesh toilet onahole, which is today’s review.

What happens to “failed” onaholes which aren’t popular in the marketplace? Happily they live on in the form of the “treasure box” random onahole boxes that companies offer occasionally, like the Satania Onahole Dropout set of two random onaholes, or that amazing Enjoy Box [currently unavailable] collection of 7 random onaholes. If you want to be surprised, consider getting these random sets when they appear on J-List.

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

In Japanese, one of the most unkind things you can say about a woman is that she is a 肉便器 niku-benki or “flesh toilet.” In other words, she exists merely to receive the pleasure of men and is, basically, a cumdumpster. So the overly-creative minds at Tamatoys decided to make an onahole based on that concept, giving us the very strange Private Nakadashi Niku Benki onahole. It’s basically a toilet that you can fap with.

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki2

Detail of My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

Let’s look at the features of the onahole. Although it’s shaped like a toilet, it’s not shit, and Tamatoys have worked hard to bring interesting features to their users. There’s a large opening followed by a “tight zone” where zigzagging lines and protrusions are waiting to stimulate you, followed by more dots at the very end.

The toy is made of firm materials, 4/5 stars ranked, to give you a tight feel and high stimulation. The toy is “stretchy” and will stretch to cover the length you need. Because the material that the onahole is made from is so firm, it stands up normally — if you want to display it as an objet d’art. J-List has sold weirder products…I think.

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki3

The entrance of My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki4

The shape of My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki6

The entrance of My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki7

Image of My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki


My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki1

My Private Nakadashi Niku Benki

The Private Nakadashi Niku Benki onahole is made in Japan by Tamatoys. The toy is shipped sealed in an airtight bag, inside a shrink-wrapped box. Starter lotion is included. Because of the toy’s open design, it should be very easy to clean, just wipe it out with a few tissues until it’s dry.

Your personal flesh toilet is waiting for you, Master. See her on J-List, but hurry! The worst onahole is a must-have for your collection.

Worst Onahole Ever Meat Toilet

The sign says, “Please use this toilet freely.” (via)

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