New Tenga Egg Varieties Bring Great Stress Relief

New Tenga Egg Standard Type


One product I like to evangelize a lot is the Tenga Egg, an ingeniously designed latex egg that stretches over a man’s penis and becomes a great way to relieve stress at the end of the day. They’re inexpensive, fun to use, and also have various benefits, including helping maintain erections if you have issues with that. Tenga Eggs are also great because guys and girls can use them — for girls, put one over a vibrator and see how much fun you have. Tenga just released a whole new Tenga Egg line, so let’s take a look at the new offerings!



Let’s go over how the Tenga Egg works again, for readers who don’t know. All Tenga Eggs have a hard eggshell with the plastic wrapping around it. The pattern on the wrapping indicates what kind of pattern is found inside the Tenga Egg — wavy lines in the case of the new Wavy II.

New TENGA EGG – Wavy II1

Inside of the TENGA EGG – Wavy II

The inside of each Tenga Egg is bumpy, or wavy, or covered with large or small dots, or other patterns. This allows you to grab a different one every day, depending on your mood. Some Tenga Eggs have thinner skin, others are thicker, and you can have fun determining which type you like best.

How to use a TENGA EGG

How to use a TENGA EGG

To use a Tenga Egg, take it out of its shell, remove the interior plastic piece that holds a foil packet of lotion, put some lotion inside the egg, and go to work. The way the egg stretches against the surface of your penis really makes it amazing, and much better than doing it a mano. There’s also no mess, and Tenga Eggs are super easy to clean. Each one probably lasts for 3-6 months before becoming unpleasantly stretched and loose (and sometimes tearing, if you’re extra rough with your onaholes).

New TENGA EGG – Boxy


Let’s look at the other new varieties of Tenga Eggs that were just released. This is the new Boxy egg, which is very boxy inside. Just look at those angles!

New TENGA EGG – Brush


Another innovative design is the Brush Tenga Egg, with large protrusions that stimulate you from all angles while you use the toy. Looks amazing.

New TENGA EGG – Tornado

TENGA EGG – Tornado

Tornado is another new Tenga Egg design, with large protrusions that swirl around and around, like a tornado.

New TENGA EGG – Sphere

TENGA EGG – Sphere

Another one that looks amazing is the Sphere, with large bulbs coming at you from all directions. As you stretch the toy out, the distance between the bulbs increases, sort of like the universe itself. And you can make your own Big Bang any time you like.

New TENGA EGG – Silky II


Another big upgrade is the Silky II, a new version of the original, which was one of my personal favorites. The lines are thicker and deeper, which you can really feel as you manage your prostate health.


The TENGA EGG line up

The Tenga Egg line is manufactured in Osaka by Tenga, in accordance with strict Japanese manufacturing guidelines. Tenga Eggs are super easy to clean, just turn them inside out and wipe with a couple of tissues, then store.

No matter what kind of incredible onaholes you’ve got from Japan in your collection, the Tenga Egg has a place there, too. Use it for quick moments of quality “me” time, or as an erection aid if you have ED issues. I love to toss a couple in my bag when I’m going on a business trip. Browse and buy some Tenga Egg toys from J-List now!

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