Taimanin Rinko Hole & Lotion

Judging from the number of new products that keep coming out, people really love the Taimanin Asagi and related “female ninja” sex toys and matching lotion, based on the popular hentai game and anime series. Now there’s a new one, a larger onahole based on Taimanin Rinko, that will provide amazing ninja fun. Want to know more about it?

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Taimanin Rinko Hole & Lotion

We’ve done reviews of the Taimanin Asagi onahole and lotion products before, discussing the onaholes themselves, the amazing Taimanin Yukikaze “full head” fellatio onahole, and the different types of official lotion. This review will focus on the just-released Tamanin Rinko onahole, which is a larger type for better overall experience, and its matching lotion.

Taimanin Rinko Hole

Taimanin Rinko Hole

Here’s the box for the Tamimanin Rinko onahole, which presents you with a “full body” type sex toy with fully formed breasts and ass. This toy is significantly larger and heftier than the other onaholes released in the series. At 550 grams, which translates into plenty of thick material around your member, this should be a great way to manage your personal stress.

Taimanin Rinko Hole1

Taimanin Rinko Hole 550g

As with the other onaholes in the Taimanin series, this toy recreates the unique uniform of Rinko, with its cool sci-fi styling. She has fully shaped breasts and an ass that you can play with.

Taimanin Rinko Hole2

Inside Detail of the Taimanin Rinko Hole

It’s fun to look at the cross-section of these onaholes and see what features the designers have included. There are four main features of this product: large and deep ridges that greet you at the opening, a second wave of “V-shaped” ridges that stimulate you from all directions, a “tight zone” with protrusions that squeeze you as you slide past, plus a “vacuum” region at the back which sucks you in and takes away all of your daily frustration.

Taimanin Rinko Hole3

The Texture Inside the Onahole

The view from the outside looking in is quite amazing, with levels of stimulation increasing as you go deeper inside.

Taimanin Rinko Hole4

The Shape of the Taimanin Rinko Hole

The toy is designed so that you can simulate any kind of sex you like, going in from the front if you want to do it missionary style, or turn her around to enjoy doggy style sex, which the Japanese call bakku sekkusu (back sex). The toy is made to feel different depending on how you use it, just like a real girl.

Taimanin Rinko Hole5

Information on the character Rinko Akiyama, who appears in the Yukikaze game and anime. A user of a traditional ‘tachi’ Japanese longsword, Rinko is versed in the traditional sword technique called Menkenryu. She’s a feared warrior.

Taimanin Rinko Hole6

If you like this onahole, be sure to check out the other products by the company. As is expected of the Japanese sex toy industry, all onaholes and lotions are completely original, made to offer a different experience. Browse the Taimanin series on J-List to see them.

Taimanin Rinko Love Lotion

Taimanin Rinko Love Lotion

There is an official Taimanin Rinko Love Lotion you can also buy, to make sure your sexy ninja time is always nice and slippery. (A small packet of this lotion is included with the onahole, above, but this is a larger bottle with a convenient applicator.)


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This masturbation lotion is of a “nuru nuru type” which indicates that it’s slipperier and “glide-ier” than some other lotion that try to limit “stringiness” but offering more friction. This lotion has the “fruity” aroma of a ninja pussy.

The Taimanin Rinko onahole and love lotion are both made in Japan and are officially licensed by Lilith, the creator of the Asagi series. The quality is very high, and with proper cleaning, you should get hundreds of uses out of the onahole. Because of the complexity of this toy, make sure to remove all liquids after use, by wiping out several times with tissue.

Well, your demon hunting female ninja is waiting for you. Order her on J-List now!



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