The Chibiman Onahole Likes it Rough

Today’s onahole review is about a new offering from Ride Japan and Magic Eyes, a male stress toy that really likes it rough. The CHIBIMAN onahole is a masturbation toy that goes out of its way to simulate a unique vagina, all for your pleasure. Let’s take a look!

Chibiman onahole


Here’s a picture of the box, showing the girl. She’s cute, with twin-tail hair and a curious expression. What kind of adventures will you have with her?

Chibiman onahole

The shape of the CHIBIMAN

There are, of course, many approaches companies can take when designing a masturbation aid. A lot of companies, especially the Sujiman line from Magic Eyes, attempts to be 100% accurate in all aspects of the design both inside and out. This toy goes in the opposite direction: it’s almost a grotesque parody of a pussy, in several ways. We get a sense of this right off the bat with the large outer labia and huge clitoris.


Chibiman onahole

Inside the CHIBIMAN

The inside of the CHIBIMAN onahole is positively insane — a jumble of rough ridges, grooved spheres, and crevasses assail you from all sides while you slide your way into the toy. These grooves are important because they hold lotion and help make sure everything is nice and slippery.

Chibiman onahole

Details of the CHIBIMAN

More details of the CHIBIMAN onahole, which features a tight construction — made from a firm material that covers you from all sides, intense chaotic grooves and ridges, plus a “finish zone” at the back. The toy is stretchy and should accommodate any penis length. The material is designed to be odorless and the toy is made in Japan, in accordance with Japanese Health Law No. 370.

The CHIBIMAN onahole is made by Ride Japan and Magic Eyes. To clean, wipe the toy out with five or six tissues until it’s completely dry inside. Because of the extra complexity of the internals, it’s a good idea to use a few more tissues if needed.

Well, the girl’s waiting for you in the park. Go meet her now!

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