Every guy knows it’s not easy to get a 3D girlfriend to agree to let you try anal sex. It’s potentially very painful for her, requires skill and experience, and can possibly be, um, somewhat messy. Happily, the Japanese have come to the rescue with the new Ass Princess Perfect, the perfect girlfriend replacement, who doesn’t mind which hole we use. Let’s take a look!


Ass Princess Perfect

Ass Princess Perfect

The Ass Princess Perfect (in Japanese, Oshiri Hime Perfect) is an amazing new dual-use onahole that gives us two options, a fully functional vagina as well as an anus, to explore either vaginal or anal sex whenever we wish. The toy is huge, weighing a hefty 1400 grams (more than 3 lbs), which gives you a more realistic experience.

Ass Princess Perfect4

Mission Ass Princess Perfect

The toy is rather amazing, a “full body type” onahole that re-creates the entire body of your new waifu. Everything is re-created: breasts and ass, full torso with spreadable legs, plus her pussy and asshole, all ready for your use. The toy is designed so that you can use it in missionary position…

Ass Princess Perfect3

From behind of Ass Princess Perfect

…or turn her around and do it doggy style. You can also try other positions, like girl-sitting-in-your-lap.

Ass Princess Perfect5

2 Hole Ass Princess Perfect

The cross-section view is amazing, as expected. The vaginal sex route is incredibly detailed, with lots of bumps and grooves and curling crevasses to stimulate you as you slide by, plus an incredible “finish zone” where you can ejaculate. It’s also accurately colored with a separate pink material, a fun extra bonus. Below, the anal sex route is equally awesome, with large bands that grope you as you push inside.

Ass Princess Perfect6

Different texture of Ass Princess Perfect

More views of the Ass Princess Perfect, looking from the outside in. The vaginal opening is amazing, with pink bumps and grooves that are random and uneven. The annual route will also bring you lots of pleasure, with a totally different feel.

Ass Princess Perfect2

Have a look more detail of Ass Princess Perfect

Here’s your new girlfriend, showing you something nice under her skirt. The Ass Princess title is meant to represent that she is an ojou-sama, a spoiled rich girl, who is ready for you to teach her about the real world. What will you do? Do you want to have your way with this rich girl, again and again?

Ass Princess Perfect7

Try Ass Princess Perfect

The Ass Princess Perfect dual use onahole is an incredible new toy made in Japan by onahole maker Boostoy, in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing and health guidelines. Starter lotion is included in the box, but you might want to order more. To clean, wiped out with four or five tissues until completely dry inside. Because of the complexity of the inside of both holes, you should make sure no liquids remain inside before storing. With proper drying, you should be able to get dozens or hundreds of uses out of this toy.

Well, you’ve got a hot new girlfriend is always ready to lift her skirt and let you play. Are you going to keep her waiting? Order her from the J-List website now!

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