The Best Japanese Onahole? It Might Be This ‘Double Material’ Ero Toy!

Double Material Onahole

The Double Material Onahole

One reason we like Japanese Japanese onahole toys from Japan is that they’re at the cutting edge of technology, using innovative manufacturing methods to create new experiences so stressed-out customers can feel relaxed. One of the most challenging approaches to onahole design involves using two different materials to simulate a softer material surrounded by a firmer one. One onahole that pulls this off very well is the Gichy Gichy Virgin onahole [review link], and another one is the new Double Material special toy from Tamatoys. Let’s take a detailed look at this double material Japanese onahole!

Double Material Onahole

The shape of the Double Material Onahole

Here’s what the toy looks like. It’s basically a softer inner onahole material wrapped in a firmer material, which simulates the soft inside of a vagina that has strong muscles around it. It’s quite an incredible combination: softness that massages you from all sides, with a strong outer layer supporting it all. The result is that everything squashes against you tightly, which feels amazing.

Double Material Onahole

Inside the Double Material Onahole

The side view of the onahole is amazing. On the inside, you get a realistic opening with horizontal grooves, a twisty zone in the middle, and a tight area that wraps around you at the back. Surrounding all of this is a shell of firmer silicone material which keeps everything close to your member, so you feel great.

Double Material Onahole

Detail of the Double Material Japanese Onahole

Just look at how soft and pliable the internal onahole portion is, like it would melt when you touch it. And yet the outer silicone shell offers a structure that makes it easy to hold, and which keeps the vagina itself tight and close. The inside of the toy is ranked 1/5 stars for firmness (meaning it’s soft), while the outside shell is 4/5 stars for firmness, 1/5 stars for sensitivity (meaning it’s large and comfortable), and 1/5 stars for tightness (meaning it’s loose). The size is a very large 460 g (1 lbs), which gives us the space we need as well as thick material to improve the realistic feel of the toy. Starter lotion is included, and the material is designed to have as little odor as possible. Perfection, in other words.

The Double Material is an amazing onahole that combines the best of both worlds to recreate the perfect sensation for you. Order yours at J-List now!

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