We’re huge fans of the new Maccos onahole company, which has distinguished itself with outstanding masturbation toys for men, all of which have been “dual use” onaholes with both vaginal and anal routes. Their most recent offering is the Inwaku Mermaid anime swimsuit girl, which recreates a sexy anime swimsuit girl who’s willing to let you get inside her swimsuit and do whatever you want. Let’s take the plunge and get nice and wet together!

Here’s the box, showing the sultry anime swimsuit girl, invitingly opening her legs just a little. The toy is massive, weighing in at 1,800 grams or 4 lbs, which makes it feel as realistic as possible while you use it. The word inwaku means “lewd temptation” and that’s exactly what this lewd mermaid is doing.

Two Ways to Use your Anime Swimsuit Girl

There are two holes to use: a larger, realistic pussy as well as a tighter anus, so you’ll never get bored. The vaginal route features thousands of dots and ridges that stimulate you from all sides when you push inside, promising to make short work of your daily stress as you shoot your load deep inside. Below, the anus is tighter, offering a very different sensation.

Let’s look at the inside of each onahole via the cross-section. While some onaholes strive to recreate the real thing as much as possible — the Magic Eyes series comes to mind — the Inwaku Mermaid anime swimsuit girl onahole chooses to throw nature out the window, offering you an insane number of different shifting sensations. The vagina starts out with twisting vertical grooves followed by large spheres, then two different round protrusions called “jelly cup spheres.” If you want to try the anal route, you’ll be greeted by random waves followed by two insect-like banks of grooves that attack from both sides, plus large dots and a final finish zone.

All Maccos onaholes come with a story on the box, to inspire your personal fantasy. Here’s a translation of the story on the Inwaku Mermaid Anime Swimsuit Girl onahole:

Whenever this season rolls around, I remember… “Hey, do you want to do it here?” It was the first day of the pool’s opening for summer, and she was playfully pulling at her swimsuit with the auburn sky all around her. This was to be a secret between her and me.

When I got my first glimpse of her white skin under the dark blue school swimsuit, all I could say was, “Kawaii.” She laughed at my dumb reaction, and said, “You’re looking at me in a very perverted way today.” I couldn’t deny it. All my eyes could do was trace the line of her body against the mesh of her swimsuit material, becoming more and more aware of her naked body underneath. I couldn’t stand it any longer, and I jumped into the pool.

“Everybody’s gone home,” I said, and she nodded agreement. We could hear the cry of the cicadas from far off beyond the school’s baseball field. “Since no one else is here, we can do anything we like,” she said. When I didn’t reply, she sat down on the edge of the pool, placing one foot out of the water, to give me a view of the area between her legs.

“Are you… trying to keep from making noises with your voice?” I asked, when fully inside her. She made a sound like the cry of a butterfly’s trill and nodded. Still listening to the sound of the far-off cicadas, we both enjoyed our thrilling secret sex in the pool, both feeling more excited than usual. I was sure she was enjoying it because her insides felt hotter than the other times we’d had sex, which in turn made me ejaculate faster than normal.

While I walked her home, she said, “Summer vacation will be ending soon. Are you sad?”

I nodded and squeezed her hand.

“Let’s go to the pool again tomorrow.”

Her face lit up at this, but she looked reproachful then. “You just want to see me in my swimsuit, don’t you?”

This wasn’t a lie, but for some reason, I was overcome with a great sadness at her words. “No, it’s you I want to see, I swear.” And I hugged her to me fiercely.

The Inwaku Mermaid Anime Girl Swimsuit is made in Japan in full accordance with all Japanese manufacturing rules and is ISO9001 compliant. Starter lotion is included, but you might want to pick up a large bottle of quality onahole lube with your purchase.

How to clean the Inwaku Mermaid Anime Swimsuit Girl Toy

Because this is one of the most internally complex onaholes we’ve seen, you should take extra caution to make sure the inside of the Inwaku Mermaid anime swimsuit girl onahole is dry before storing. Use 5-6 tissues to completely remove all liquids from inside either orifice, then store in a cool, dry place so that extra drying can occur. With proper care, you should be able to get dozens or hundreds of uses out of this amazing toy.

Summer is almost over. Hurry and order your anime swimsuit girl onahole now!

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