It’s nice to see Tamatoys branch out into new erotic toy areas, bringing creativity to fans in new ways, rather than sticking to their traditional onaholesotokonoko cosplay items and “Insert Air Pillow” inflatable love dolls which hold onaholes for you. The Body Pumping Cup is a fun suction system for nipples (both men and women), clitorises, and buttholes, which is a great way to explore new sexual territory with that special someone, or alone.

Let’s take a look at the toy, which includes a hand-manipulated suction gun with six different soft cups, which can cover anything you want to apply suction to. To use, just attach one of the suction cups to the suction gun and squeeze.

Each suction cup is suitable for a different region, such as female nipples of differing sizes, or female clitorises, or whatever region you need to engorge with blood today.

Great for female nipples! The sucking power is very strong, and will provide lots of stimulation and add excitement.

One of our favorite areas on a female body is a great place to use the suction cups, and there’s a perfectly sized cup available, no matter what kind of clitoris shape the intended recipient has!

The great thing is writing these reviews is that I learn something every once in a while, too. I had no idea that anal suction was a thing, but now I know! And now you do, too!

Here are the sizes of suction cup included in the box. You pretty much have the perfect size for any situation, allowing you to get experimental and have lots of fun in the process.

More views of the many fun things you can do with the Body Pumping Cup, which is a fun toy that’s equally awesome for guys as well as girls.

The Body Pumping Cup is an innovative suction system for stimulating different parts of the body, for both guys and girls. It’s made in Japan and comes with six different suction cups, in different sizes, great for exploring different sensual areas of your body.

Are you ready to explore sexy time in fun new ways? Grab the Body Pumping Cup today!

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