Gucho Nure Monster Onahole – Crystal Hard

One question a potential onahole buyer might be asked is, do you want something “natural,” which simulates a sexual experience with a woman as accurately as possible, or would you like to throw realism out the window and go beyond nature? There are certainly a lot of “unnatural” onahole experiences available, like the two tentacle onaholes we sell, or that Yandere Jealous Girlfriend onahole [all are review links] who’s so amazing in bed that you won’t be able to cheat on her with other onaholes. Another one to consider is the new Gucho Nure Monster onahole from Magic Eyes.


I’m a fan of the Magic Eyes brand because their more traditional products — like the Sujiman Kupa Roa (my favorite onahole of all time) or the amazing Mouth of Truth oral onahole series — are so realistic. The company literally goes nuts with realism, ensuring that everything is shaped perfectly, of the best and firmest materials, and colored very accurately. However, the Gucho Nure Monster Onahole can’t be accused of being too realistic, because it’s, well, a monster onahole.

Questions to Ask When Choosing an Onahole

There are four questions you should ask about any onahole you’re considering buying, which are:

  1. How is the overall size? Is it right for me? Inexpensive onaholes are fine for starting out, but tend to be smaller on average.
  2. What unique design innovations have the company made?
  3. Is the tightness and flexibility of materials going to be right for me? Onaholes come in “soft” and “firm” materials and different customers like different approaches.

Being named “Crystal Hard,” you can pretty much guess that this onahole is going to be in the “hard” (firm) camp, providing lots of friction and tactile feedback while you use the toy, as opposed to some softer onaholes which are going to be more “floppy” and flexible inside. This onahole is made from two materials, the “crystal” transparent exterior and a realistically-colored pink interior.

Here are some more internal details. Inside the onahole is a monstrously accurate pink vagina, with large and small protrusions called hida which promise to raise your excitement by 20%, according to the packaging. At the back of the onahole is the “glans crusher” that suggests an orgasm so strong you may lose consciousness.

While many onaholes give you a small foil packet of starter lotion, this one comes with a large bottle of lotion that’s designed just for this onahole. (Although you can use any other lube you might have on hand.)

On the left side, you can see the “normal” version of the Gucho Nure Monster onahole, which dips downwards due to gravity. Below it is this onahole, which stays erect, thanks to its “hard” (firm) construction.

Here’s a final view of the Gucho Nure Monster onahole, seen from the business end. It looks great, is very inviting, and will surely make quick work of your daily stress, for months or years.

The Gucho Nure Monster onahole is made in Japan by Magic Eyes, in accordance with all Japanese laws and regulations. To clean, dab out with four or five dry tissues to ensure that all liquids are removed from the onahole, then store in a dry place. It’s best to avoid turning the onahole inside out, as it could cause tearing or looseness.

Well, your new monster onahole girlfriend is waiting for you. Want to give her some attention?

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