New “Inwaku Adenyo” Onahole Shows You the Mystery of Woman

Maccos is fast becoming one of our favorite onahole companies because they make such great premium sex toys for men, with amazing designs and multiple features to give you many hours of enjoyment. The company excels at making “dual use” onaholes that feature both a realistic vagina and anus, so you can choose which way you want to relieve your stress each day. Their newest toy is the Inwaku Adenyo, which means roughly “Temptation of a High-Grade Experienced Woman.” The toy represents you losing your virginity to an extremely sexy and experienced woman after she invites you into her room. Let’s take a look!

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

Inwaku Adenyo, an Experienced Woman

The Inwaku Adenyo is incredible. It’s a “hip type” onahole that recreates an experienced woman’s ass as she spreads her butt cheeks open for you, giving you access to her anus and vagina for your pleasure. At 1,400 grams it’s an extremely realistic toy that’s very hefty to bang.

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

Double Hole Inwaku Adenyo

Just take a look at the two holes. On top is her ass, a realistic anal sex experience you can have any time you like. Move down a couple inches and you can use her welcoming pussy anytime you like. She’s spreading herself for you!

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

Inside Detail of the Inwaku Adenyo

The side view of the two holes is incredible. The anal route features large dots that stimulate you from all sides, a tight zone with bumps and lines, plus large ridges near the back. the vaginal route features random grooves followed by a realistic rough zone representing her G spot, plus more randomized grooves and dots that will make short work of your daily stress. This is really one of the most amazing sex toys we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot.

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

The Size of the Inwaku Adenyo

The dimensions are large, at 19 cm/7.4 inches long and 14 cm/5.5 inches wide. She’s saying, “Well, how does it look? Can you see it all, really well? This is the true ‘shape of woman.'”

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

Inwaku Adenyo Shape and Inwaku Inside

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

The Story of the Inwaku Adenyo

As with all Maccos onaholes, there is a story printed on the box. Here’s what this one says…

Whenever I hear that song, what happened on that day comes flooding back to me. It was during summer vacation, and Airi-san invited me into her bedroom. With a lewd smile, she slowly pulled her shorts off, and climbed onto the bed, on all fours.

I was greeted with the view of her ass facing me, hidden only by the fabric of her panties. I stared at the scene, taking in the “shape of woman” that she displayed for me while the evening light streamed in through the window. I could see she was wet through her panties as she slowly lowered them.

I’d seen female genitalia on the Internet many times. To be honest, seeing it in the flesh seemed like a grotesque thing to me. Airi-san once again displayed herself for me, spreading her ass with her hands so I could get a good look. Airi-san lived in the same apartment building as me, and I’d known her for years. And now I was staring at her nude body, and smelling her lewd smell. It was like a dream.

Sliding my penis inside her, I was overwhelmed by the warmth and feel of her and ejaculated immediately. She was very understanding, and we lay there together talking with me about things. Knowing her husband would be home soon, I buried my face in her breasts, and told her, “I wish time would just stop for both of us right now.” Tears filled her eyes at this, and she hugged me fiercely. “I couldn’t think of a way to tell you, but we’re moving next month.”

But we still had some time before she was to move, and we had sex many times together. I’ll never forget what it felt like, holding her in my arms, sharing our secret together.

Inwaku Adenyo Experienced Woman

The Inwaku Adenyo dual-type onahole was made in Japan by Maccos, in accordance with all Japanese manufacturing and health guidelines. Both holes are “closed type” onaholes so you can ejaculate inside, just like a real woman. The onahole can be used in many ways, simulating doggy style sex, missionary sex and sex-in-your-lap. Because of the internal complexity of both holes, it’s recommended that you use extra tissues when cleaning them because they’ll be slightly more difficult to clean than toys with less complexity.

Well, it’s time for you to have an amazing sexual experience with an elegant and experienced woman. Don’t keep her waiting!

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