If you read these onahole reviews that I write, you’ll know I have an amazing amount of respect for the Japanese because of their innovative spirit when it comes to making our “solo sex lives” a little bit better every day. One interesting category of onaholes is “dual use” toys that provide us with two orifices for the price of one, as it were. While most of these toys provide a vagina and anus, allowing for simulated vaginal and anal sex, the “Doubles” series from Enjoy Toys gets a little more creative. Keep reading to learn more about the new Doubles Mother and Daughter onahole (“Hard” Edition), which lets you take a sexy MILF mother and her daughter at the same time, which is apparently a fantasy Japanese men have.


Here’s the package of the new toy, featuring art by illustrator 何某か/Nanigasika. It shows the mother and her daughter reclining on the bed with you, which is part of a famous Japanese fetish called Oyakodon, or parent-and-child rice bowl. Usually this refers to a delicious dish of chicken and scrambled eggs served over steamed rice, but in this case, it refers to a “3P” (menage a trois) between you, a MILFtastic mother, and her daughter, which the onahole lets you experience first-hand, anytime you like. This is the “hard” version of another popular toy [review link]. (There’s also a Doubles Sisters version.)


Let’s look at the internal design of the toy. It’s a “double parallel” onahole with two routes, the mother’s side and the daughter side. As expected, the mother’s route is larger and roomier, allowing you to plunge deep inside her experienced pussy, while the daughter is a virgin, so you have to take care and go slowly as you open her to a whole new world. This is the “hard” version of an existing product, made of firmer materials, which makes it easier to get off, compared to softer onaholes.


Let’s take a look at the mother’s hole, a larger place to relieve your stress when your daily work is done. Inside there are deep grooves that massage you from all sides, and which also hold lotion, to keep everything smooth and slippery. In a first, the inside of the onahole is properly colored red/pink. Note that, unlike almost every other onahole we sell, this is not a “closed type” onahole but is open at the end, which means that you need to make sure that liquids don’t come out the other side.


When you want to change things up a bit, switch to the daughter’s hole, which is much tighter and ready for you to train her any way you like. Like the mother’s end, the daughter’s onahole is open at the back.

Should you buy this HARD edition, or opt for the normal (less firm) version we have in stock. The answer is up to you, depending on how you feel about onaholes there “too soft” (not providing enough friction to reach orgasm), or “too hard” (being extremely firm, so firm that they feel less like a real vagina). Happily this grade of onahole is inexpensive, just $20, so you’re not risking a lot.


The Doubles Mother and Daughter Hole HARD is a well-made masturbation toy from Enjoy Toys, made in Japan for maximum quality and safety. At 225 grams, the weight is good, although larger and thicker onaholes might provide a more realistic overall feel. As noted above, these are “open type” sex toys, so you should exercise caution to avoid liquid spills. To clean, wipe out with four or five tissues from either end until completely dry, then store.

An amazing sexual experience is waiting for you. Your hot, steaming bowl of Oyakodon is ready to eat, so order the Doubles Mother and Daughter HARD onahole from J-List now!

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