Penis Pic Pic is the Pop Team Epic Onahole We Probably Didn’t Need

Regular readers of these onahole reviews will know the name Tamatoys, a company that has made its mark creating parody onaholes that allow fans to fantasize about their favorite anime characters while rubbing one out. I guess the popularity of Pop Team Epic was too great for them to resist making this fun and inexpensive onahole for your collection of ironically weird things from Japan.

Pop Team Epic inspired Penis Pic Pic

Penis Pic Pic

Here’s the box, featuring the two Pop Team Epic girls making their trademark rude gesture. At 150 grams in weight, the onahole is slightly on the small side, which is fine because it only cost $15, cheaper than the cheapest date.

Pop Team Epic inspired Penis Pic Pic

The shape of the Penis Pic Pic

The external view of the hole looks good, a nice “twisty” pattern on the outside makes it easy to grab.

Pop Team Epic inspired Penis Pic Pic

Inside the Penis Pic Pic

The inside of the toy looks quite good, with wavy bumps at the front, tight “ribs” in the middle, and more protrusions at the back. In keeping with Pop Team Epic, the catch copy on the box basically insults us, calling us “subculture bitches.” Considering the joke nature of the Pop Team Epic onahole, they’ve done an amazing job with it but inside and outside.

Pop Team Epic inspired Penis Pic Pic

Details of the Penis Pic Pic

Here are more views of the Pop Team Epic onahole, so you can decide if you want to make it part of your collection. The toy is somewhat “hard” (made with firmer materials), ranking 3/5 stars for firmness, 4/5 stars for stimulation, and 4/5 stars for tightness. The toy’s designed to create an excellent vacuum inside, to suck you in and keep you there, and it’s very stretchy if you need more length. No, it doesn’t have anime eyes looking at you while you fap, that’s only on the box.

The Penis Pop Pop — Pop Team Epic onahole is made in Japan by Tamatoys, and starter lotion is included. It should give you months of ironic enjoyment, either as an actual onahole or a rare objet d’art which you can display on a shelf. Get yours before they’re gone!


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