We’ve Got an Astolfo Onahole, Because of Course We Do

I’ve been running J-List since October 1996, which is a long time, especially if you think of this time in “Internet years.” I’ve seen a lot of fetishes come and go, everything from the early cult of Japanese porn stars to the golden age of Anna Miller waitress uniform to the rise of tentacles to the days when futanari was all anybody wanted to buy. These days, the big fetish du juor are otokonoko, sometimes known as “traps.” And now we’ve got an Astolfo Onahole for sale on the site, because of course we do.

Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)

Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)

The Astolfo Onahole toy is a well-made onahole from our friends at Tamatoys, that company that brings anime characters to life in ways we never thought possible. Seeing this toy brings me back to the day when we posted a school swimsuit branded as Taiga’s swimsuit from episode seven of Toradora to the site, which, for me, began the current era of “2.5D,” which means using physical 3D objects to enhance our love of 2D characters.

Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)1

The shape of Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)

Here’s the side view of the toy, a standard onahole that will work pretty much like any other. The toy is made using the company’s “French Touch” materials, which are firm and realistic to the touch.

Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)2

Inside the Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)

Here’s an inside view of the Astolfo Onahole sex toy, which is quite detailed inside. There are three main features: an opening that recreates the proper feel of the orifice, a gap that helps create suction near the front, followed by a tunnel of endless swirling dots and grooves. You won’t be able to hold out for long against Astolfo’s charms!

Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)3

The entrance of the Assfolto Kyun (Astolfo Parody Toy)

Here are some additional views of the sex toy, seen from the business end. The tight entrance is designed to suck you in with vacuum power, and never let you go until all your daily cares are forgotten. The toy is very stretchy and flexible, so larger customers should be able to use it.

All onaholes have rankings to let you know what they feel like. The Astolfo Onahole gets 2/5 stars for firmness, meaning it’s on the soft side, 3/5 stars for sensitivity, and 4/5 stars for tightness, meaning that it’s on the tight side. But of course, like any onahole, it will loosen as you use it, adapting itself to your body. To clean, wipe out with 3-4 tissues until completely dry.

The Astolfo Onahole is calling out to you. Will you answer the call and try to win your Grail War?

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