Promotion and creating buzz is everything in the age of the Internet, and often, this means animation studios creating “concept restaurants” to appeal to fans and promote products or brands. Some of these stick around a long time, like the AKB48 and Gundam cafes found in Akihabara. Now an animation collaboration cafe called Shirobaco is currently doing a promotion with the creators of the Uma Musume Pretty Derby anime and game to do bring the food to life through October 14!

The main attraction is a re-creation of the ninjin hamburg (hamburger steak with a giant carrot sticking out of it) from the series, but they also have various drinks named after the characters in the anime, who are actually all famous horses in Japan’s horse racing world: Special Week, Silence Suzuka, and even the greatest horse in recent memory, Vodka. (Sadly, the drinks contain no vodka). You can also buy various limited goods during the promotion, including the doughnuts showcased in the anime series.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Episode 10

Uma Musume Restaurant Collaboration Opens For A Limited Time In Tokyo

Would you like to visit the Uma Musume restaurant and have a carrot hamburg steak? You’d better hurry: from October 15 the shop becomes a Halloween-themed event space centered around a game called Gothic Maho Otome. Which sounds pretty fun, too.

You can visit the restaurant’s official page is here.

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