Every year Halloween is gaining more popularity in Japan and it’s gotten to the point where October is a month-long celebration of costumes and pumpkins, with every storefront, and theme parks joining in on the fun.

Cosplayer Moe Five has cosplayed as the waifu of the season for Halloween 2018, who happens to be Rikka Takarada from SSSS.Gridman.

If you’re a fan of Moe Five’s work, make sure to check out her Twitter page here.

SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 3 SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 2SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 4SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 5SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 6SSSS.Gridman Rikka Takarada Cosplay 7

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